Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days - 9 Insider Tips To Help Reach Your Goal

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When it comes to weight loss it seems like everyone is looking for the fastest and easiest way possible to drop those extra pounds.
It may be for a wedding or your high school or college reunion.
For whatever reasons you are trying to lose 10 pounds in 7 days, you should also have a long term weight loss plan to follow so you don't end up gaining the weight right back.
I should tell you that 95 percent of those who go on these fast weight loss diets will end up gaining the weight right back and some gain even more.
Yes you can lose 10 pounds in 7 days but what happens after the 7 days.
After the college reunion, are you going to go back to your old eating habits? That is why it is important to set a 7 days weight loss plan and then a realistic plan that is easy to follow after you have lost the 10 pounds so you can either keep it off or lose even more weight.
Remember to consult your doctor before starting ANY weight loss plan.
With that said I will share with you 9 tips on how you can drop those 10 pounds in as little as 7 days.
Eliminate carbohydrates from your diet for 7 days.
So no rice, pasta, potatoes or breads.
Carbs should never be eliminated from your long term weight loss plan.
But if you want to lose 10 pounds fast try to cut out the carbs completely for the next 7 days only.
Eat lots of lean proteins such as fish and chicken breast.
This will help you feel full without the added fat and calories and gives your body the energy it needs.
Eat lots of leafy greens and vegetables.
Vegetables are low in calories, carbs and fat and they will keep you feeling full.
Drink Green Tea.
Green tea contains a chemical called EGCG.
Research has shown that this chemical gives your body an energy boost and also lowers your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Drink 1 cup of coffee with your breakfast and lunch.
The caffeine will help boost your metabolism.
Spice it up.
Adding spices such as Jalapenos and red/cayenne pepper to you food will also help boost your metabolism.
No Salt.
Salt makes your body retain water.
If you are trying to lose 10 pounds in 7 days, then you don't want any unnecessary water weight added to you body.
Drink lots of water.
Research has shown that half of a litter of water can give you a 30% metabolic boost.
Get moving.
I do not recommend you do much heavy exercising when on this diet because you might get light headed because of the little amount of calories you are taking in.
But try not to sit too still all day.
Simple house work, gardening or a light walk will be enough to get some extra pounds off.
Your diet for the next 7 should look like this: Breakfast: 3 to 4 egg whites with a bit of red pepper, coffee or green tea Snack: A low sugar fruit or sugar free yogurt, green tea Lunch: Lean Protein spiced with red pepper, steamed fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables, coffee or green tea Snack: A low sugar fruit, green tea Dinner: Lean Protein with red pepper, leafy green salad (can add tomatoes etc) no salad dressing, add lemon juice instead, decaffeinated green tea.
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