The Top 5 Types of Losers On the Internet

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If you're trying to build your network on your favorite social network, there are some common type of people out there you should try to distance yourself from. Here are the worst of the worst types of losers on the internet, in my own opinion.

5. The E-Thug

You've all seen this guy. He's the one with a picture of one of his tattoos, guns, or drug money stacks on his profile. His whole profile screams "I want to be gangsta!" with his horrible spelling and terrible abbreviations. This guy is probably logging on from his local penitentiary's recreation room.

4. The Fake Baller

Not to be confused with the E-Thug, the fake baller also embellishes his profile with material objects. However this guy doesn't want to be confused with a thug, he wants you to think he has money out the ying yang as if he did sell drugs. This guy has pictures of watches, cars, and shoes on his profile that he undoubtedly doesn't have. Even if he does have it; it's fake.

3. The Underground Musician

We all have this one on our profile, the struggling artist begging us to listen to that noise he calls music on his page. This guy clearly has no job, because how else would he have the time to spam your page 800 times a day announcing his "NEW TRACKS"?!

2. The Pretty Boy

This guy is more into himself than women, and decided to upload a shrine dedicated to himself on his profile. Ok... we know you work out, put a shirt on! No one wants to see your pecs on their buddy list.

1. The Spammer

We ALL have suffered this loser's wrath and he is without a shadow of a doubt, the worst of the worst on the internet. This guy is trying to sell you Viagra and ringtones around every corner. Why are YOU worried about MY blood flow?! I don't need that crap your trying to sell, Im cool!
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