How to Get to Kalimdor for Horde

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    • 1). Travel to the Undercity. This is the second location you'll reach if you start as an Undead Horde character. If you start as a Blood Elf, there is a teleport to the Undercity available from your home city of Silvermoon City. All other Horde races begin on the continent of Kalimdor. If you're walking to the Undercity from another location, it is located between Tirisfal Glades, the Alterac Mountains and the Western Plaguelands.

    • 2). Exit the city and look for a large tower to the north. Go to the top of the tower and then to the western edge of the tower. A zeppelin comes to this location on a regular basis; you may have to wait a few minutes for one to show up.

    • 3). Get on the zeppelin to travel to the city of Orgrimmar in Kalimdor. This is the home city for both Orcs and Trolls.

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