Beta Fish Care - What You Need to Know to Have Beautiful and Healthy Beta Fish

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Knowing the proper beta fish care principles are essential to keeping a beautiful and healthy beta fish.
beta fish can be wonderful pets.
They have personalities, can get depressed, can be active or lethargic, and will let you know when they are sick.
But you have to know how to care for them.
Tank Size: Contrary to popular beliefs, betas shouldn't be kept in small bowls.
In their natural habitat in Asia, they live in rice paddies, and areas of slow moving water.
They don't live in small mudholes.
The minimum tank size should be at least 5 gallons.
You can get away with a smaller tank, but you'll have to change the water more often and the temperature will be subject to more variation.
A good comfortable size is 10 gallons.
Filters: The tank should have a filter, but it needs to be one that doesn't cause a lot of rapid water flow.
Remember, betas live in slow moving water.
Also a beta fish has a labyrinth organ that requires him to be able to go to the surface to breathe.
If the water is turbulent, he won't be able to do that.
Plants: Either live or artificial plants can be used.
Live plants help control water quality by oxygenation, reducing carbon dioxide, and controlling nitrates.
Artificial plants can be used but be sure they don't have sharp or rough edges.
This can damage the fins of the beta.
Food: For the best beta fish care, the food should be mosquito larvae, live worms, and live brine shrimp.
Unfortunately, all of these are impractical for the normal beta fish owner.
The more practical alternative is to use freeze dried live food.
These come mainly in two types: freeze dried bloodworms and freeze dried brine shrimp.
This type of food is also sterile and is less likely to bring any diseases or parasites into your tank.
Water: Tap water is best when treated with a chlorine remover.
Let the water sit for about three days to be sure all of the chlorine has evaporated.
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