Online Dating Statistics- How to Succeed With Online Dating?

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OK let's drill down into some interesting online dating statistics. It may surprise you to know that a lot of people seek love online. In actual fact it is reported that twenty million people engage in online dating sites in one way or another per month.

When asked almost seventy percent of people would use an online dating service to find their partner.

The next question is out of that twenty million how many folks take it to the next stage, in other words get serious in their relationship and commit to marriage? On a per year bases it is suggested that over a hundred thousand couples tie the knot in relationships that were created online.

Out of the twenty million people who visit an online dating site per month it is estimated that around ten to fifteen percent of those people pay for a listing on a dating site.

Out of those polled who join these sites twelve percent of them said that a person's smile was one of the most important characteristics of their desired partner. for more detials:-[] was in second place. Number one was personality; looks came in at eleven percent.

With that said on the first date looks were said to be very important by thirty eight percent of the people polled. Personality then dropped to second place and smile still stayed in there at around ten percent.

Then an interesting statistic almost contradicted that by saying that over sixty percent of people think that looks and appearance matter. for visit detials:- one could draw from that is this, appearance, as in being scruffy or not can be a deciding factor when coupled with looks.

On the first date seventy eight percent of people are of the opinion that the person they meet with is not being one hundred percent genuinely honest. Basically over sixty percent of people believe that they cannot trust the person they are meeting on the first date.

It was also interesting to see that fifty nine percent of people were of the notion that meeting a person they really like is difficult, either online or offline. Then to top that off sixty percent said that people's expectations are too high.

That to me was interesting due to the fact that if it is hard to meet a person you like then it is strange to then turn around and say that people's expectations are too high, so maybe we ourselves are too judgmental and expect too much of other folks.

In terms of being single thirty five percent of people stated that they don't mind and an equal number of thirty five percent said they hate it.

The resource I used for these online dating statistics or dating statistics in general was, I honestly thought they were interesting and quite telling in many respects, I hope you will also find them interesting.

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