12 Easy Ways To Organize Your Decorating By Using "Green" Ideas This Christmas

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With Christmas right around the corner, this is a good time to start organizing your decorating and thinking about how you intend to decorate for the holidays. Have you considered going 'green' this year? If so, here are some suggestions that you can easily use to help out the environment and, in most cases, save money at the same time.

1. Use edible instead of artificial garland on your tree (popcorn, berries).

2. Use LED lights on your tree which use about 80% less electricity than standard bulbs.

3. Decorate old traditional light bulbs to create ornaments on your tree.

4. Use what you already have and don't buy new. Create traditions this way.

5. Use pine cones already fallen from a tree.

6. Use live greenery such as rosemary, thyme and sage. You can use them afterwards to season recipes.

7. Think 'lasting', not 'disposable' this year by avoiding paper products on your Christmas dining table. Use cloth napkins, dishes, glassware and silverware that can be used over and over again. Save the environment while saving money.

8. Create a fragrant holiday home by using essential oils instead of scented candles and canned sprays. Use cedarwood, rose or sandlewood on pine cones or dried flowers.

9. When using candles, go with soy or beeswax varieties.

10. Use old greeting cards as place cards or frame them to create wall decor.

11. Use live trees and wreaths instead of ones made artificially. They contain PVC which is released during manufacturing and cannot be removed from the atmosphere or soil. A live tree or wreath can be mulched or naturally decompose outdoors.

12. Use a non-electric tree topper on your tree to save energy.

There is no reason why you cannot be 'green' this holiday season, whether you use some or all of my suggestions or come up with your own creative ways to help the environment. After all, we want to preserve this beautiful planet so that future generations can share in these great holiday traditions.
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