What Plants Only Live in Water With Beta Fish?

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    Chinese Evergreen

    • Chinese evergreens are a green leafy plant commonly used in Betta fish bowls and tanks as they are hydroponic plants that can survive in low lighting. Also called the Aglaonema, Chinese evergreens thrive in 70 to 80 degree temperatures with high humidity but can tolerate temperatures in the upper 50s as well. Keep these plants out of direct sunlight. Chinese evergreens can live up to a year if kept in suitable conditions. Gently clean the leaves on a regular basis to maintain the health of the plant. Chinese evergreens also make nice plants for the bedroom or bathroom (with or without the Betta) due to their low lighting requirements.


    • Philodendrons are tropical, broad-leaved, hardy perennials that can withstand a range of indoor temperatures. They have glossy, heart shaped, deep green leaves. There are over 200 species of philodendrons; types include Moon Light, Imperial Green and Painted Princess. Philodendrons thrive in normal or slightly warmer room temperatures and do well in most indoor lighting conditions. Philodendrons come in regular and vining varieties. While high humidity is preferred, philodendrons can still thrive in the low humidity level in most homes. Keep philodendrons out of direct afternoon sun. Remove leaves with brown patches which indicate sunburn.

    Peace Lilies

    • Peace lilies come in several varieties including small and broad leaved plants and are a common choice for Betta tanks and bowls. These tropical perennials are also a popular houseplant. Peace lilies love water, require little light and thrive in normal room temperatures (67-69 degrees F). Peace lilies have dark green leaves and white flowers. Keep peace lilies out of direct sunlight like philodendrons and Chinese evergreens as direct light can damage peace lily foliage. They also love high humidity levels. Peace lilies are poisonous if ingested and should be kept away from children and non-Betta pets. A common mistake when buying Betta fish is thinking the fish can survive simply on the peace lily plant roots, but they should also be fed fish food specifically for Betta fish. This includes freeze dried blood worms.

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