Create the Floor of Your Dreams With Concrete Paint

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No longer it is necessary to have the boring gray color of concrete in your garage, patio or walkways.
The porous properties provided by concrete makes a great foundation for a number of innovative options that can turn the typical gray color of concrete into a wonderful way to complement your decor and/or landscaping.
The use of epoxy coatings, concrete paint or concrete stains can dramatically change the look of your concrete.
The choice you make depends on the look you want to achieve whether it is a decorative choice or something that will withstand excessive use; these options will give your concrete not only a beautiful look, but also extend the life of your floor.
One of the most common choices in concrete flooring coverage is epoxy floor paint.
After the proper preparation of the floor, epoxy can be applied similar to concrete paint.
The most important step when deciding if this is the covering for you, is the stability of the concrete, the amount of traffic and use the floor will receive and what look you are trying to achieve.
The concrete itself must be in good condition, meaning that it is rock solid, not soft and flaking.
Soft concrete will not allow the covering material to bond properly and will eventually begin to chip also.
If you do have a rock solid floor that receives a lot of use then this option is a good choice for your floor.
Many garages are finished with this type of paint.
It helps repel stains and offers the best surface for cleaning.
In addition, one can opt to paint the concrete with recommended outdoor paint for concrete flooring.
This option offers a wide variety of looks and can be manipulated to enhance or compliment the landscape or decor.
Behr offers a great variety of this type of paint.
They also offer the necessary sealer to extend the life of your beautiful floor.
Another option is stained concrete.
This, less known option can offer incredible looks for the more adventurous spirit.
This type of finish can look like leather, stone, marble or most anything one can imagine.
It leaves a beautiful and inspiring look that can be found in a number of higher end homes.
What ever you desire, the options available to help change the look of your concrete are great when resurfacing your floor.
Following a high quality application of concrete paint, one must also consider the need of drylock to create a water resistant surface as well as polishing the floor to add a shine that is unsurpassed.
Through applications of these kinds one can create the floor of their dreams.
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