5 Pathways to Find Divine Love Within

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We are all looking to find comfort, support, inspiration and assistance for whatever we feel we need in our lives from moment to moment.
Learning to communicate with angels, by journaling, using angel cards, creating an altar for focus, and using questions is one way easily of doing this.
Speaking to angels gives you insights and helps to deepen your understanding and communion with Divine love.
The most important thing is your intent, desire and passion to align with this love.
It is all there is, and if you can live within this energy, all you need and want will be yours.
Divine love is not like human love which is driven by conditions, restrictions, expectations and demands from others and your own hopes and dreams.
Divine love on the other hand is available to you without any conditions, as it is who you are.
So it is not about being in love, it all about being love.
It may seem difficult to feel this and you may understand the concept with your mind, but it is about living it moment to moment.
When you can only view things from past experiences and your limited beliefs, it is difficult to imagine that you are this being of light and love.
It is only possible if you can let go and allow Divine love to be who you are.
To be guided by your own heart centered wisdom.
This wisdom will take you far beyond your limited perspective and give you the opportunity to see from a wider, more expansive, clearer viewpoint entirely.
These are the 5 pathways that we each need to step upon to find Divine love within • Letting go and allowing: When you can let go of what is holding you back from your happiness you can open up to faith, belief and trust.
With these 3 powerful allies in your life you begin to see with clarity and you are no longer imprisoned by your limiting beliefs.
• Gratitude /Appreciation, being grateful.
When you allow the powerful force of gratitude to work in your life you are able to see from a new perspective and it opens up new horizons and opportunities.
• Compassion When you see from compassion you allow forgiveness for yourself, which creates peace in your life.
For when you find forgiveness for yourself no other forgiveness is needed.
• Passion Passion for your life creates commitment, desire and focus.
With clear intentions and determination you create a path of freedom.
• Love All the steps above lead you to open up love for yourself and others.
When you can find love you are then open to the higher possibilities of Divine love.
Love causes positive, gentle change in all areas of your life.
You are able to begin to live with clear purpose, focus and direction.
The more you allow this love into your life the more love you receive.
Within this love is more wisdom, more understanding, more peace, more joy.
Instead of repressing and depressing your life you become alive and full of happiness and excitement.
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