The Move Towards Softer Fabrics & More Understated Designs

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In recent years t-shirts have experienced many interesting trends. Here's a rundown of some of the more notable ones:
  • Softer fabrics – in recent years t-shirt companies have chosen different fibers to make t-shirts with. There are many reasons why tee shirts would feel differently while still remaining 100% cotton. Different lengths of cotton, what region of the world the cotton comes from, and whether it's combed or not are just a few. Some companies treat their tees to make them soft. Keywords to look out for are "brushed cotton", "sueded cotton" and "peached cotton" if you are on the lookout for softer t-shirts. If you want a soft tee that has a vintage or distressed look, this style is often referred to as "acid washed".
  • Thin t-shirts - While traditional t-shirts are opaque, a recent trend has seen a thinner cotton tee made. These t-shirts can be translucent and possibly sheer too. These thinner tee shirts are popular among women's styles: the thinner material and ability to see the skin underneath lends a seductive and sexy feel and appearance. These are sometimes called "tissue t-shirts".
  • Understated t-shirts – T-shirts with shoulder pads. T-shirts with embellishments. T-shirts with skulls and other outrageous designs. T-shirts with offensive statements. An overload of shocking t-shirts of one kind or another being in vogue in recent years has fatigued the market, and the new chic is understated tee shirts that don't make you stand out from the crowd and help you fade in the background. They are a good choice for the introverted as well as those who don't want to be seen as hopping on the bandwagon of whatever flashy fad comes along
  • Nature t-shirts – T-shirts with bird, tree, and floral designs have been hot for a while now. A focus on climate change and the impact that humans have on the environment has undoubtedly influenced this focus on nature in fashion. While most of these tee shirts are not overtly political they definitely give off a ‘back to nature' vibe that's aesthetically refreshing and calming.
  • Shock t-shirts – if the understated tee trend (above) doesn't go with your personality, there will never be a shortage of t-shirts that shock, offend, or just plain make you think. Tees with politically incorrect statements have been all the rage, while other t-shirts have statements that are equal opportunity offenders, no punches pulled. A quick search on the internet will show websites that sell only these kinds of t-shirts. There you'll be able to find a larger selection of offensive t-shirts than you probably thought existed!
  • Fashionable t-shirts – for those, especially women, who don't want to make any kind of statement with their t-shirts other than a fashion one, keep in mind that t-shirts are no longer the plain white or black crew necks of yesterday. These days tees come cropped, one-shouldered, patterned, striped, with studs, with chains, full of holes…with anything you can imagine, basically! The t-shirt is no longer a plain garment: it now bends to the season's latest fashions.
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