Finally, Proven Secrets That Cut Your Gas Costs Permanently!

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We have all experienced the rising gas costs, causing most of us significant strain on our monthly budgets.
As we wait for either the government or gas companies to lower the costs, there are things we can do in the interim in order to experience some relief at the gas tank.
Lesser Known Ways for Reducing the Cost of Gas 1) Buy gas during cold weather - gas is sold by volume, not by concentration.
When it is warm outside, gas expands and when it is cold, gas contracts.
To get the most out of your money, filling your tank up with fuel during cold weather can save you money on gas over time.
2) Keep your tires inflated - Deflated tires are one of the number one causes of significantly reduced gas mileage.
Up to 25% of your gas mileage can be lost simply because you have a tire that is not filled with air.
Check your tires regularly to ensure they are working properly.
It costs only a dollar to fill a tire, but it can cause almost five hundred dollars or more to leave it deflated.
3) Keep your drive speed between 30 and 60 MPH - This is the optimum level for cars.
Below 30 miles per hour and your car is receiving a lot of strain while not going at a very fast speed.
Over 60 MPH and your engine is working much harder than it needs to for not much more speed.
Keeping within the standard 30-60 MPH range can be very effective for gas relief.
Turn your Car into a Water Powered Car One final lesser known method of relief from the high gas prices is a way to run your car on water that has been sweeping the nation.
From the idea of Hydrogen technology comes HHO gas - an alternative power source designed to use water (standard H20) to improve the MPG of your non-hybrid engine.
And what an improvement - reports of miles per gallon almost tripling amongst casual users have been commonplace with those that use one of the water car systems report a substantial savings of thousands of dollars a year.
All it takes is a small addition to your engine that you can make yourself using standard hardware parts.
The secret is a revolutionary new alternative engine design, that uses hydrogen particles removed from water to create a gas that helps turn your normal car into a hybrid car that runs on water.
By utilizing these hydrogen cells, your car receives more power out of a single tank of gas, providing you with the gas relief you are looking for.
The best part about these systems is that they are 100% safe, unlike the hydrogen powered cars with which they are modeled after.
And not only do you save money at the tank, you help save the environment as well, as these hydrogen cells produce far less emissions.
Using one of these systems on your car is the best thing you can do If you hope to experience some form relief from these high gas prices anytime in the near future.
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