Don"t Let Your Dog Overheat!

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Just because your dog isn't locked in a hot car doesn't mean he is not going to overheat.
Dog's will want to please their owners even if that means playing catch in 90 degree weather until they begin to over heat.
If you are hot and sweating it is likely that your dog is also hot and close to overheating.
Like humans sweating dog's use panting to cool themselves.
The faster they pant the closer to being overheated they are getting.
This is the sign that you as their owner they rely on need to do something to help them cool down.
What are other signs of overheating in dogs? Fast and heavy panting as we mentioned this is the first sign of overheating.
Other signs include a bright red tongue, wide glazed eyes and thick drooling saliva.
As dehydration progresses the dog will being to loose coordination and begin vomiting possibly with diarrhea.
Lastly the dog will go into a Coma.
Prolonged overheating can lead to organ failure - which may be permanent and death.
The speed at which this progresses to death depends on the heat, access to water and the size of the dog.
While cooling an overheated dog is important it is just as important to not cool them down too quickly.
A dog's normal body temperature is between 101 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
Efforts to cool your dog should be stopped at 104 or 103 degrees Fahrenheit.
Place the dog in a cool bath but not cold water.
If you have air conditioning available to you put them in an air conditioned room.
Sponge their head, stomach and under arms with cool water (where their skin is exposed and blood is close to the surface this will dissipate the cool to the rest of the body).
Give your dog cool water to drink slowly in small amounts if they are not passed out.
You can increase cooling by placing a fan on them as well.
The best way to stop a dog from overheating is to not let them be in that position in the first place.
If you are any bit questioning whether or not they will over heat then it is too hot for them.
Always provide cool shade for them to lay in if you are outside with them as well as a large bowl of hot water.
Heat advisories for people in cities also means it is too hot for your dog to be outside.
Understand the signs, pay attention to what your dog is trying to tell you i.
if they are hinting to go inside on a hot day; and you will ensure that your dog will live a healthy long life.
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