How to Recognize the Signs That Rotors Are Bad

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    • 1). Feel for a pumping sensation when you apply pressure to the brakes. When the rotors are bad, the brakes push air back into the brake system, and they make the driver feel like he is pumping the brakes.

    • 2). Feel for any shaking in the steering wheel when you apply the brakes. When the rotor is warped, the brake pads pulsate, causing the steering wheel to vibrate or shake. The happens particularly when you apply the brakes at high speeds.

    • 3). Feel for any shaking in your driver's seat when you apply the brakes. If the front rotors are warped, you feel shaking in the steering wheel. However, if the rear rotors are warped, you will feel shaking in the seats.

    • 4). Unbolt your tires and remove them, so you can get a good look at your rotors. Look for any corrosion or rust around the outside of the rotor. Also look for any cracks in the rotor. If your rotors exhibit any of these flaws, your rotors should be repaired by a mechanic.

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