Play Your Best Golf Tomorrow by Implementing These 3 Quick Tips!

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Golf is a game of the ego, and all men and women that play golf want to get better whether they will admit it or not! Even if your friends say they are not trying to get better, you can bet that secretly they are wanting to get better so they can crush you, and being the competitor that you are you cannot let this happen! If you want to play your best golf tomorrow then here are three tips to help you improve almost instantly.
The first thing that you can do to get better quickly is to check your stance and grip.
Most golfers overlook this, yet if you go to a PGA or LPGA Tour event the first thing you will see is players on the practice green checking grip, stance, and alignment.
These three elements are just as important as the golf swing itself for hitting better golf shots.
Your stance should be square, and you should put to clubs down to in effect create a "railroad track" to check your alignment.
Your feet and club face should be square to the target.
In addition to this you need to improve your putting.
The main thought I have with putting is to actually putt with my shoulders.
This is often referred to as a shoulders stroke which is more effective for controlling both speed and line.
Your putting is the quickest way to improve your game, so you should make it an important part of your improvement methods.
To play your best golf tomorrow you need to get your head in the right place.
Too often people go play golf and do not put themselves in the proper frame of mind to succeed.
My advice is that you envision what you want to accomplish on the golf course before you actually go play golf, as this will help you have more focused goals and really improve your game.
These three tips should help you play your best golf by tomorrow, and if you do that then you can improve faster than your friends and we all know that is just too much fun!
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