Things Your Dog Loves

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    • Dogs love their exercise. In addition to the physical pleasure of moving, exercise provides dogs with the opportunity to explore the environment and interact with the world. Judge the amount of exercise your dog needs by its temperament, breed and size. Take your dog to a fenced-in dog park or dog-friendly beach to run, play frisbee and enjoy a game of fetch. Tie your dog's leash to your bike and take a few loops around the neighborhood (ride at a speed that fits your dog's pace and finish the ride when you see signs that the dog is tired) or jog with your dog. Always ensure that the dog has access to plenty of water before and after exercise.


    • Dogs love to eat. Dog owners can testify that when feeding time approaches, the dog's excitement level visibly rises. Opinions differ among veterinarians regarding the best food options for a dog. Some veterinarians advise that their clients feed their dogs a commercial dog food. They note that dog food manufacturers prepare their dog food according to standards that meet a dog's nutritional needs. Other dog owners and veterinarians suggest a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet which includes raw meats, bones and vegetables as the optimal diet for a dog.

    Serve the Master

    • Dogs love to please their masters. Dogs are social animals. According to academics who study the fossil remains of prehistoric animals, early man began to domesticate wolves to serve his needs. Through the years these domesticated wolves evolved into dogs. Researchers have found evidence that dogs lived in human proximity as long as 400,000 years ago. Through the years people trained their dogs to herd flocks, guard homes and property, hunt and perform other vital functions for survival. Today people train dogs as service dogs to help disabled individuals. A dog's desire to serve its master eminates from its willingness to please its human.


    • Dogs love... love! Years of living in close proximity to humans has bred an animal that enjoys a cuddle, pat, tummy rub, ear scratch or any other manifestation of affection. Some dogs demand attention while others wait passively for their owner to attend to their emotional needs. However a dog expresses its yearning for notice, it will provide lifelong companionship and love to an attentive owner.

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