To Leash, or Not to Leash?

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Is that really the question? Whenever you take your dogs in public, they need to be on a leash, except for dog parks.
You know your dog won't bite anyone.
You know you have a well-trained dog.
But, the people around you don't know that, especially non-dog owners and people with children.
I have witnessed grown men do everything possible to avoid coming in contact with our 6 pound (three footed) Chihuahua.
Yes, that is not a typo, he has only three feet.
Vinny, the three footed dog at the center of this example, is a rescue.
But, I digress.
It is just common courtesy to control your dog.
The good news is there are a number of leash options that allow your dog the freedom to roam.
Retractable leashes offer your pup up to 16 foot of leash to cruise around with.
Retractable leashes have come along way in recent years.
At one time the retractable leash was only for small dogs.
Now, you can get a retractable leash that can handle dogs up to 55 pounds.
These new retractable leashes are durable and employ a nylon belt lead with advanced braking technology.
Not only are these leashes tough, but they come in a variety of colors, patterns and themes.
Some of the best retractable leashes are made by flexi and Avant Garde.
If your dog is in training, there are a number of leashes designed just for that.
Consider a training collar that can be positioned high on your dog's neck, near the base of the jaw.
This will give you the most control, while not causing pain to your dog.
If you are working with a puppy, now is the time to establish proper leash training habits.
Nothing is better for your dog and his or her training advancement, than long walks on leash.
If your dog is not in training, but needs to be, it is never too late.
Sign up for a dog training class at your local parks and recreation department.
Or, check out the dog training services available in your area.
Finally, nothing beats a 6 foot colorful poly leash or leather leash, from Mendota Products, for control and training.
You can even find stylish ribbon collars and matching leashes, by Preston Ribbons, that are adorned with colorful graphics featuring just about any dog lover's interests or hobbies.
Preston Ribbons and Mendota Products manufacture all of their collars, leashes and harnesses in the United States.
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