How to Set Up a Tank for a Gray Tree Frog

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    • 1). Purchase a 15-gallon tank for the tree frog. Measure the tank to be sure that the dimensions are at least 20 inches long by 10 inches wide by 18 inches tall. This will leave plenty of room for the frog to move around the tank at night.

    • 2). Place a screen cover onto the top of the tank. Make sure the screen cover has a tight fit to prevent the frog from getting out.

    • 3). Place aquarium background on three sides of the tank, covering each side completely. The aquarium background shields the frog from the activity around the tank, reducing stress and promoting security.

    • 4). Place an ultraviolet (UV) light or low wattage light bulb above the tank. The light provides warmth for the frog on cooler days and it also serves as a stress-reliever for the frog. The less stressed the frog is, the more beautiful the color of the frog.

    • 5). Add substrate to the bottom of the tank. Use peat moss, potting soil, coconut husk fiber, foam rubber or large river rocks. Potting soil has an advantage because it holds moisture, keeping the humidity in the tank at the right level.

    • 6). Place a variety of branches and perches in the tank for the frog. Set up bamboo poles, driftwood and PVC pipe pieces at different angles around the tank. This will provide the gray tree frog with plenty of areas for activity.

    • 7). Place live or fake plants over the perches in the tank. The plants provide places for the frogs to take cover as they make their way from perch to perch.

    • 8). Provide a small pool of water for the tree frog to soak in. The bottom of 1-gallon milk container works well. Use bottled spring water or treated tap water. Change the water daily or each time it looks dirty.

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