All Alone - No

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The Psalmist David Lee Roth once sang, "I ain't got nobody, nobody, nobody.
I am so sad and lonely.
Nobody cares for me...
" Although it was just a song, so many folk feel this way.
Even married with children, in the church, in the club, folk all around all the time, but they still feel all alone.
There is something to be said about being all alone in a crowd.
I know there have been times when God has isolated me from folk so He could work something out in me, but I was never lonely.
Being lonely is an issue you may be dealing with right now.
Even though there are many people in your life; you feel isolated, alone, and/or abandoned.
This can lead to even more serious issues including depression and its partner suicidal thoughts.
All of these are plans of the enemy against our mind.
Our enemy wants to destroy us from the mindside out.
If we start to believe that we are all alone, deserted, abandoned, hopeless and so on then we will get to a point of no return.
Don't go there! Recognize what is taking place in your mind today and stop.
If you are reading this then take notice; You Are Not Alone!! We are in this together.
I am with you and I know that God has strategically placed others in your life too.
Don't be discouraged! You are loved and appreciated.
Take a moment and look around you; you will see those folk that are on your side.
Today will your day of change!
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