Power in 3"s - Creating Value, Building Volume, Maintaining Velocity

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The 3 V's;  Value, Volume, and Velocity, is a powerful concept that can be applied to all business endeavors, whether a commercial enterprise or a home-based business.
When you launch an internet marketing business from your home, it is crucial that you offer high value.
The word Value embraces a number of meanings, to a number of people; personal value, cultural value, ethics and even mathematics.
As a business professional, you often ask yourself the value in which you consider your work - but better yet, the value in which others receive your work.
In theory, we all want to feel valuable.
In reality, it doesn't always exist.
And for that very reason, it is time for you to take control and create results that matter to YOU.
The ambitious individual that you are wants to drive results - this is essential to the success of your future.
A home-based company will offer you the freedom to control your life, to control your finances, and to control the volume of your successes.
Nowadays, this concept is more important than ever.
With market pressures, customer churn, job instability and financial insecurity, the issues we face today are now all elements that you can manage; the internet is a significant tool to do just that.
Ever heard of the 4-hour work week? The internet plays host to copious opportunities (think worldwide web = volume).
More than ever the internet has proven its endless boundaries and with the economy at a standstill you have reached the best time to be your own boss, call your own shots, and be the eye of your own future.
There is no doubt that millions of people are embarking on this path and making a significant amount of money working from home - and more importantly, working for themselves.
The internet does the obvious: maximizes exposure and increases your sales pipeline.
With targeted online-based marketing campaigns you can achieve heightened publicity, thus increasing the quantity of leads coming through your web door.
But volume is only useful if you can create velocity.
This term is only valuable (starting to see the connection?) if you can define the speed and direction of its use.
Simple? Indeed.
Your home-based internet business needs to demonstrate the sales and marketing value that is automated and repeatable, thus accelerating your sales cycle, thus creating velocity.
Is the 4-hour work week closer in sight? Let's look at the 3 Vs again: 1.
Value: extending business value that drives customer profit and loss - impacting the value to your customers' customer 2.
Volume: maximizing business exposure by increasing your sales pipeline with quantifiable leads 3.
Velocity: accelerates your sales cycle by demonstrating the sales and marketing value that is automated and repeated When you have value, you can build volume.
And when you have volume, you can maintain velocity.
Each piece is an integral part in your success as a home-based businessman, and each piece supports one another.
It is as simple as it is complex, though easily attainable.
Leverage these 3 ingredients, and you will have a powerful impact on your company - create Value, build Volume, and maintain Velocity.
The power is in the 3 V's.
The power is in your hands.
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