How to Tighten Header Bolts

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    • 1). Pop open the hood and locate the headers. They're on either side of the engine block, and go underneath the cab toward the exhaust. The bolts will be securing the headers to the engine block. You'll be tightening the bolts from the inside out.

    • 2). Tighten each bolt using the 3/8-inch ratchet. If you cannot access one of the bolts, use the universal joint on the extension to tighten the bolt.

    • 3). Use an open-end wrench on all of the bolts that you can't access with the ratchet. Turn it clockwise as much as possible, cinching down the bolt.

    • 4). Use an offset wrench on bolts that are really difficult to access, as the offset will help get around the header tubes or other things in the way. If you have to, tighten just a little bit at a time.

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