Caravan Park Insurance – What to Watch Out for

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If you own a caravan park or caravan site it is essential to have the right insurance so you are fully covered in the event of an accident to a person staying on your site and to your property. Depending on your type of caravan park / site it will depend on the type of insurance you will need.

General Caravan Park Insurance - What is included?

Caravan park insurance policies can differ from company to company but here is an idea of what is usually included:

• buildings and underground services
• contents and machinery
• hire fleet and sales stock
• business interruption (including cover for the death, injury or illness of the park operator and key staff)
• public / products liability
• employers' / directors' and officers' liability
• computer and engineering failure
• legal expenses
• professional indemnity
• terrorism

On caravan sites and caravan parks there are many different types of amenities available to the visitors that should be insured which may not be covered in a general caravan park insurance policy. These include:

• Toilet Blocks
• Shower Blocks
• Club House
• Playground (swings, slides etc)
• Swimming Pool
• Go KartsIf the caravan park has insurance do I need to insure my own caravan separately?

All caravan parks have insurance which covers them as a business as the caravan park owner in the event of an accident or damage to property. This insurance does not cover the individual caravans that come on to the site and remain there. Individual caravan insurance for each caravan should be taken out which covers the caravan owner for theft, content theft, new for old cover, storm damage, and European use and so on.  
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