What is Internet Marketing?

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Marketing is a crucial part of generating profits for any business and when a business gets their marketing right they can stand to reap huge rewards from it.
Traditionally marketing was done on the television, on the radio, in newspapers and magazines, on the radio and on posters.
Today internet marketing is massive and the potential for a business to increase its profits using internet marketing is staggering.
There are so many different types of internet marketing that a business can use and using one does not necessarily mean that all the types of internet marketing should be used by a business.
Here are a few of the internet marketing methods and techniques that are in use by businesses all over the world: -Banner ads - these are placed on relevant websites (websites that have a similar content or tone to the product or service being advertised) either at the side of the webpage or running across the top.
If a visitor to the website clicks onto the banner ad they will be taken to the advertiser's website.
This type of marketing is quite effective but it does cost the advertiser to place their banner ads on various websites.
-Email marketing - this type of internet marketing works by a business sending emails out to thousands of email recipients with the aim that some of the recipients will be interested enough to visit the advertisers website.
Using this method is quite cost effective as creating the emails is straightforward and there are software applications that will run email marketing campaigns.
-PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is similar to placing banner ads, the only difference is that the advertiser will only pay the host of the website when a visitor clicks on their ads.
Whilst this can seem like a good way of paying for advertising it can be quite costly if many visitors click on an ad but do not go on to purchase anything from the site.
-Geo marketing or geographical marketing is a type of internet marketing which will show visitors to websites geographically relevant ads depending on their IP address.
This can be a very useful way of advertising to a specific geographical location or locations.
-Paid inclusion - this type of marketing involves a business paying a search engine to include their website on their search results.
This means that an advertisers website will be listed in SERPs (search engine results pages) when a search is performed on certain keywords and this can help a business to improve their online presence.
There are other types of internet marketing that used by businesses such as search engine optimisation (a type of marketing that uses keywords placed on websites to increase traffic to a site by organic methods) and interactive marketing and more.
To use internet marketing successfully a business owner should think about which methods would be the most useful for the business.
Internet marketing can be a real boost to any business and is used by millions of businesses every day.
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