How to Level an Undead Priest

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    • 1). Put your talent points into the Shadow tree. For questing alone, Shadow gives you the highest damage per second and lots of useful regenerative abilities. You can always buy a dual specialization later if you're interested in healing.

    • 2). Pick up quests when you see them. Even if you never end up completing them, they can give you some direction in the game, and killing monsters gives you easy experience points.

    • 3). Use the random dungeon finder. In addition to giving you good experience points, you can win powerful armor and weapons. If you decide to put your second specialization talent points in the Holy tree, you will typically find groups very quickly.

    • 4). Join a leveling guild. You'll have an instant group of people to do quests with, and once you get to level 85, you can do some of the bigger raids together.

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