How to Tell the Difference Between Male & Female Angelfish

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    • 1). Look between the ventral and anal fins for the presence of the papilla on the angelfish. It is a pink-colored protrusion that is approximately the size of a pencil-point. The female angelfish deposits eggs with her papilla.

    • 2). Compare the size and shape of the papilla or ovipositor in regards to the different fish. The female's papilla will be larger and more blunt than the male's. The male's ovipositor will be smaller, more slender and pointed.

    • 3). Observe the area right above the female's papilla. If there is a distinct bulge, she is preparing to lay her eggs. Watch and see if she lays her eggs, and then observe the papilla of any fish that follows along behind her. It's likely that the second fish is a male fertilizing the eggs.

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