What The In-Crowd Won"t Tell You About Voyeur Chat

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€Don't stop!€ she gasped and again, I was doing something that I was not aware of. Dave broke the spell, he sat forward and put his hand on me, pushing me away and then deftly moving his hand to my bum and pulling me gently back in. She yelped in time to my thrusts now and clenched more as she came harder. More warmth pulsed around my cock. €Good work, Harry,€ he told me as now his hand slipped, moving his finger around in her juices. He pushed a little and let his hand into the gap between me and her and let his finger and thumb circle around my cock. I looked at him with a mixture of surprise and confusions and he met my gaze with a warm smile. As I pulled out he let more of his grip get to my shaft. €Oh boys, yes please,€ Alison purred and she held my hand to her boob as I pushed back far enough to slip out of her and let Dave take full hold of my cock. He tugged on me and I gasped, squeezing Alison's tit, feeling his hand similarly squeezing my bum. My mouth was dry and I found my thoughts drifting to Dave and in a flash the moment was gone as Ian walked into the room. The noise made us all turn and he stood there, naked with his cock standing proud before him. Alison beckoned him over, but he looked unsteady on his feet and had a glazed look on his eyes. I had not realised that he was so wasted! I moved out of his way and he more dropped to his knees than got down easily. She had a wicked look on her face. Now that I was calming down a bit I could see the glisten of sweat on her face and her hair sitting ruffed around her head. I watched in excitement when Dave put his hand around his cock and pulled him forwards to her with a thrilling sense as his unsheathed tip met her wet lips. He fucked into her in one push with what was a triumphant yell come mumble! Alison let out a satisfied moan that told me she felt good to get her pussy filled again. I was still holding onto her tit and she pulled my hand to move me towards her. I had to twist and kneel on the sofa to avoid bumping Ian out of the way which put my face a few inches from hers. We kissed and she moaned through it so I felt her pleasure vibrate in my mouth. €I love how you tasted him in my mouth,€ she told me as she pushed me back slightly. It was tricky to kiss as her body was jolted by Ian's hard thrusting. I though about Dave, wondering if he was handling Ian as well as he fucked her. €Your mate is a dirty boy,€ she whispered to me, €you know he is fucking me bareback?€ the words excited her I could tell and she needed no reply, her breathing was heralding another orgasm for her I thought. €Oh my god,€ she continued, €he is going to fuck his come right into me, isn't he!€ €Oh god, Harry, he is!€ she whispered more and I felt my cock throbbing between my legs, €oh fuck, oh fuck!€ I pulled back and looked down thinking that I would see him spunk, but all I could see was Dave hand getting squashed between them as he fucked her, so it was his finger making her come. Ian, without warning, started groaning loud and then shouting he was coming, his hips jerking his cock in and out of her. Alison was gasping too, her back arching. No sooner than he came, Ian collapsed back and scurried back to his room. Dirty boy, I agreed with Alison with an internal chuckle and then then I got to redefine the term. €Mmmm, eat him out of me,€ she suggested and as I looked at her she elaborated, €go down on me, Harry, clean me up, please.€ I paused for a minute and then her purring broke through to me again, €mmmm, go on.€ He hands on my shoulders moved me down and I was soon on my knees, she held her legs up and I looked at her crotch, shining with juices and her pink swollen lips making my mouth water. I licker her slit and it was hot on my tongue, the familiar waft of come filled my nose, mixed with the musk of her sex. I had not idea how I would feel about it, but as I kissed her pussy it was the most natural thing to me to open my mouth around her and push my tongue in. For the second time that night I tasted my friend's spunk and was surprised as I lapped inside her that a dollop landed on my tongue. Instinct meant that I swallowed and aroused even more I pushed hard, burying my face into her. Yet again her clit was getting treatment from Dave, his finger strumming over it, making me lift back slightly. The fantastic smell hit me again and my cock twitched. I reached for another condom and rolled it on. I did not wait for an invitation, I got back to my knees and pushed back into her. I was rock hard, but pleased with how I did not feel like I was about to spunk, I wanted to fuck her long enough to enjoy the scenario. Alison was wetter if that was possible and her juice made my balls wet like before. I looked between her and Dave as I pumped her playing with her tits. When Dave pulled his hand away I realised that I was looking for him to take hold of me again, that really felt good. His hands got busy pulling his own trousers down and as they got past his thighs, his cock sprang up. A little longer than me, he was certainly thicker, his foreskin already back behind his shiny helmet. He sat there, his top half turned to Alison as they kissed and whispered to each other. And I bounced lightly in and out wondering what to do next. The answer surprised me, I reached my left hand down and wrapped my fingers round his hard member. This triggered a whisper from Dave that I did not hear, but he obviously had reported my act to her as she broke away from him to make a reply. €Oh that is lovely, Harry,€ she said as she adjusted to see. I watched as well, amazed at how nice it felt to have my hand on his big hard dick, sliding my hand up and down it. €Is that nice?€ she asked. €Yes,€ I answered honestly. €Dave loves getting wanked off, it is so fucking horny!€ I looked at him and realised it was true, his eyes were shut, his head was back and his mouth open in a long gasp. €Get him off, Harry,€ she goaded me huskily, €make him come for me!€ I had never done it before, but she made me want to like I was a natural. I did not notice that I had stopped fucking her, keeping my attention instead on his cock. €You ever sucked?€ she asked softly and I looked at her shocked. She giggled at me and lifted herself, pulling off my cock and lifting a leg so she could move to the side of me. €Come on,€ she said in a motherly tone and she stood me up with her. Face to face she kissed me and reached for my cock, pulling on me and snapping the condom off, €hehee, you won't need that now!€ She turned me back to Dave who now had his legs open wide enough for us to both kneel down. My heart was racing as she lead my hand back to him and then leant her body forward to put her mouth on him. I pumped his shaft so that my fist met her lips, her hand tickled over his balls. She broke off to kiss me and I imagined I could smell and taste his dick on her. I wanked his full length now, leaving my hand planted at his base as she went back to him. She soon returned to kiss me again and before her return this time she brought her hand to the back of my head and eased me down with her. I was scared I realised, but my pounding heart reminded me of how excited I was. Alison and I kissed, but our lips were separated as she lowered our heads further and his fat tip pushed between them. With an instinct I did not know I had as soon as his hard flesh touched my lips, they opened and my tongue came out to explore him. Too close to focus fully, I could make out Alison mirroring my movements so that our tongues mapped around the ridges and throbbing veins of his cock. Our lips met at the tip and with her hand on my head, she moved me over the top and let him push inside. Mu lips closed over him and I was in awe of any girl who could blow a good cock, my mouth felt full and I had no idea how to take more. I soon discovered though that not only did she know the answer, she know how to show me as well; she pushed me down and soon I was in a rhythm of two or three inches of him (though is felt like loads more!) f
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