Employee Assessment: Tools, Tests & Performance

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Annual reviews of employees have become an integral part of any modern day business. The purpose is quite straight forward; to analyze them and gauge their performance vis--vis company's aspirations.

However, what an employee understands or perceives about his/her job performance may be significantly different from the evaluation of their supervisor.

This is where DiSC, an employee assessment practice comes into play. Key factors such as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness make up the DiSC model. Along with other elements it describes various behavioral attributes of individuals.

On the other hand a self assessment tools help managers and company seniors in understanding the psyche of its workers and the information garnered from such assessments could then be used for strategic analysis and planning.

For employees, a well-written self-assessment must have the following imputes, to give the management a clear idea about their interpretation of performance. The tone of assessment should be positive but not necessarily over confident or arrogant. It is a tool for employees to shine and make a mark as an individual.

The personality test should emphasize on the achievements for the period under review and it should also mention its impact on the company's growth plans. The employee should prove, with supporting documents his role in the company's increased profitability.

While assigning performance ratings, an employee's conduct and behavior are also taken into consideration. Highlights should be made here in case he/she has made a positive impact on the company's strategic planning.

The word "Challenge" is big no-no in the corporate world. It shows an employee in bad light if ever exercised or used. On the contrary, it is a chance to score high marks by converting obstructions into an opportunities. If the objective is achieved in spite of several obstacles it wins immense accolades, which in turn improves performance rating.

Finally, an employee has to show how he or she can help the company with his visionary ideas and long term performance strategies. A consistent achiever and contributor is a prized asset for any dynamic organization. Records of such employees scream of talent and high potential, leading to faster individual growth.

In short an employee should be a master of collaboration, communication & innovation

The employee self-assessment test is a great information gathering method, which when used in conjunction with other performance management tools, can work wonders and can be utilized to plot out group or company wise strategic possibilities for growth and increased bottom-line.

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