How to Get the iPhone to Work With Any Carrier Using Cydia

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How to Disable Data on an iPhone

Your iPhone's cellular data network connection is denoted by the "3G," "E" or a small circle icon in the top, left corner of the device's display. The cellular data network connection allows you to make and receive phone calls, send and accept multimedia text messages and retrieve or listen to voice

How to Work My New Updated iPod

Updating an iPod can make many different changes to the unit itself. It can add new features to the device, remove others and even change how applications interact on it. After updating an iPod, it is recommended that users view the update logs to see exactly what has been changed. It is also smart

How to Change the EQ on an iPhone and iPod

Music is a personal choice, from the genre down to the way you listen to it. This is why being able to choose an equalizer setting to suit your taste and favorite style of music is important, as the standard setting is rarely suitable for all music choices. This is easy to do on iPods and an iPhone,

How to Find Your UDID

The iPhone, an Internet-enabled, touchscreen smartphone developed and sold by Apple Inc., was first introduced in 2007 to the U.S. and global markets. Featuring a new touchscreen interface and a mobile version of the popular Mac OS X operating system, the iPhone found great commercial success and is

How to Downgrade an iPod Touch 3rd Generation 32Gb From 3.1.3 to 3.1.2

3.1.3 is an update to the iOS operating system on the iPod touch device. Sometimes after updating your iOS operating system you may want to downgrade your device again, especially if the upgraded operating system does not function properly. In the case of the 3.1.3 update, you may want to downgrade

How to Unlock an iPod's Volume

The volume lock feature on the iPod is a feature found on fifth-generation and newer models that prevents you from turning the volume to a potentially harmful setting, as continuous playback of music higher than 80 decibels can damage your hearing and lead to hearing loss, according to Apple. If som

How to Get Facebook Contacts Onto Your iPhone

Although Facebook does not provide a way for users to export their contacts to transfer to other programs or mobile applications, the social networking site's iPhone app features extensive options for accessing your friends' contact information. Once installed, the Facebook app allows you to call, t

How to Check if You're Available for an Upgrade With AT&T

With most AT&T Wireless accounts, a two-year contract is required in order to receive upgrade discounts on new phones. Typically, you have to have fulfilled your previous two-year contract as well as sign a new contract before you are eligible for an upgrade, but there are a few ways to check to mak

How to Make an iPhone Sync One-Way

When you synchronize content between your iPhone and iTunes library, it mainly proceeds one way. Email account information and music, videos, apps and photos that you've downloaded directly onto your computer copy from computer to iPhone. Items downloaded directly onto your device transfer from iPho

How to Open an iPod Nano Chromatic Box

The iPod Nano Chromatic is available in nine different vibrant colors. It is only 3.6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and weighs a mere 1.28 oz. When you have purchased the iPod Nano, it comes in a clear plastic box that includes the iPod Nano, earphones, dock adaptor, USB 2.0 cable and a quick start g

How to Revert to a Previous OS for iPod Touch

Apple periodically releases Operating System, or OS, patches for your iPod. In most cases, downloading the latest OS version reduces glitches for smoother iPod Touch performance. Occasionally, a new OS can clash with iPod apps designed to work with earlier editions. If a recent OS update caused pro

How to Eject My iPod Safely Without iTunes

Apple recommends to disconnect your iPod from your computer using your iTunes program, but you also can safely disconnect the iPod without iTunes. If you're using a Windows PC, the computer treats your iPod as a removable disk similar to a USB drive, which allows for safe disconnection. For Macintos

How to Import My iPod Songs to My iTunes

ITunes is the music application that stores your music files and syncs them to your iPod. If your computer crashes and you lose all of your music, you will need to transfer the songs on your iPod back to your computer. While this can not be done with the iTunes application itself, you can use a simp

How to Locate a Software Version in iPhone

The Apple iPhone is a revolutionary smartphone that allows users to download apps, music and videos as well as take their media libraries with them on the go. With the latest software updates come the latest features that provides new functionality for the iPhone. Locate software versions on your iP

Why Can't My iPhone & Entourage Sync?

The Microsoft Entourage email and personal information management program for Mac computers can synchronize with the Apple iPhone, but the iPhone won’t automatically sync with Entourage in the same way as it does with the Mac version of Microsoft Outlook. If Entourage won’t synchronize w

How to Attach a Photo into an iPhone by Email

You can attach photographs from your camera roll or images you have downloaded to an email and send them to friends and family on your Apple iPhone. Select any photograph or image you have saved in the "Photos" application, which is native to all versions of the iPhone, and you can have it automatic

How to Put PDF Files on a Sony Reader

The Sony Reader is a popular device for storing and reviewing ebooks and other documents. But the Sony Reader is useful for more than just carrying your entire collection of ebooks with you. The Sony Reader is also capable of storing and displaying a range of different types of document files, such

How to Turn Off an App in an iPod

With the release of iOS 4.0, Apple introduced the ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously on your iPod Touch device. If you have too many apps running at the same time, however, your iPod's performance can be negatively affected, causing it to run slower than normal. If that is the case, you ca