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How to Recognize the Signs That Rotors Are Bad

The rotor is what the brake pads hold onto when you apply the brakes. If you look through the tire rims or remove the hubcap, you can see the brake rotors, which are circular in shape. Rotors become warped through uneven wear and tear or worn out brake pads that grind into the rotors. Bad rotors red

How to Reset the Computer in a Jeep Cherokee

You can reset the computer in your Jeep Cherokee from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. The PCM (power train control module) or computer controls the Cherokee's ignition, fuel system, emission and other systems. When it detects a malfunction in any of the vehicle's systems, it will a

Use Effective Marketing To Fortify Your Local Windshield Repair Dealer

Clients will always expect for your local windshield repair dealer to stay consistent in the products and services it offers. If you are always making changes, a great deal of customers won't return. Always uphold your standards, even when your local business is growing. If you keep your qualit

How to Change the Fuel Filter in a 2007 Freestar

Changing a fuel filter should be a part of a regular automotive maintenance schedule but usually is not. The fuel filter's function is to trap particles of dirt and other foreign matter from the fuel system before it makes it into the fuel injectors. Often, replacing a fuel filter is simply a matter

Suzuki 750 King Quad Problems

The King Quad 750 made its debut in the Suzuki lineup in 2008, replacing the King Quad 700. The machines are basically the same but Suzuki increased the displacement of the engine and added options such as power steering. Problems related to the King Quad 750 are still being determined.

How to Repair and Sew a Boat Cover

Boat covers often have highly-stressed places that get straight-line tears or small holes. A small tear or two --even a few, if they are not too close together--does not mean the whole cover has to be replaced. Repairing a slightly damaged boat cover saves money and gives the boat owner another year

How to Tighten Header Bolts

Custom exhausts are popular additions to a car, and headers are the first thing to get installed. Over time, header bolts can loosen, and you have to tighten them. Getting at header bolts isn't easy, but it can be done with a few special tools. In this case, we're going to tighten the header bolts o

The Best Batteries for a 17-Foot Boat

The battery furnishes the energy needed to start a gasoline or diesel powered motor. In other cases, the battery is the energy source for the boat's motor. In most cases, batteries are used to power electronic devises such as radios, sonars, lights and navigation systems. One battery or one type of

How to Reset the Oil Life on GM Vehicles

The General Motors oil life indicator informs the driver when engine oil should be changed. The oil life indicator uses factors such as driving style, mileage accrued and climate conditions. An indicator such as a warning light on the instrument cluster or a warning display on the driver information

How to Install a Window Regulator for a 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Installing a new window regulator in a 1995 Lincoln Town Car requires basic auto repair skill and an hour of your time. The window regulator, a mechanical device that controls the windows horizontal movement, resides inside the Town Car's door. When the regulator breaks, this horizontal control is l

How Does an Oil Life Gauge Function?

PurposeOil is the lifeblood of a car's engine. It helps the engine stay clean and provides lubrication for its many moving parts. One of the most basic edicts of car maintenance is making sure the oil is replaced on a regular basis. Older oil has a lot of dirt in it and does not protect...

How do I Remove an '88 Monte Carlo Headrest?

Removing the headrest from the seatback of your 1988 Monte Carlo takes just a couple minutes and doesn't require any tools. However, since the headrest works to support your head and neck, it should not be left off while you are driving. The headrest slides out easily, making cleaning under it or in

Guide to Buying Tires

Over time, you can count on periodically replacing the tires on your car. Since tires wear out over time, certain car and tire manufacturers recommend that tires be changed after a certain amount of mileage, even if visible wear is not present. Fortunately, buying tires does not need to be difficult

Types of Windshield Damage that Are Not Repairable

A damaged windshield is a driving hazard, limiting the driver's field of vision. If you have a break, small chips of glass may fall out. If you have cracks, they can spread, and the damage may get worse. Not all damages to a windshield can be repaired.

How to Take Care of Turbocharged Cars?

With high gas prices and environmental protection concerns, the energy saving transform on traditional combustion engines become the mainstream for automobile enterprises. One of the core technology is turbo technology, namely with "T" auto marks. ...

How to Troubleshoot Why 1994 Explorer's Fuel Gauge Doesn't Work

Car problems can be extremely annoying. However, when the issue is something critical to the operation of the vehicle, such as with the fuel system, it can be dangerous. Determining the cause of a faulty fuel gauge varies from vehicle to vehicle. In a vehicle such as the 1994 Ford Explorer, there is

How to Remove Cherry Slush Stains From Automobile Carpet

Driving while drinking a cherry slush may be hazardous to the carpet in your automobile. Red drink stains do not remove as easily as other spills because of the red coloring. Spills on automobile carpets cannot always be cleaned immediately, allowing the stains to penetrate deeper into the fibers. S

F-250 Rear Rotor Removal

The Ford F-250 pickup truck was manufactured with rear disk brakes, with a hydraulic caliper pushing pads against a spinning rotor to stop the truck. The rotor material can wear out or become damaged by abuse or debris, and will require removal for replacement. The average backyard mechanic can remo