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Do's & Don'ts Before Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding, governed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, designed to offer you a clean financial slate to build on. When preparing to file for bankruptcy it is important to follow some guidelines so your future bankruptcy case is not at risk of being rejected or extended.

Small Business Bankruptcy Information

We have heard of bankruptcy mostly in newspapers and this problem is also faced by most of the small business owners. These have different knowledge and understanding on the subject because of lack of proper information. Let me share little information to them here.

Bankruptcy Filing Options (Yes You Have Options)

Times are hard these days, due to an increase in unemployment and the rising cost of the essential things we need to live. These hard times are causing millions of hard working Americans to turn to bankruptcy as their only relief. Sure there are other options for debt relief, but it all comes down t

You Can Have Good Credit After Bankruptcy

The general consensus about bankruptcy and credit is that you can kiss any chance of having good credit good bye. Most people don't realize that by the time you get to filing your credit has ...

Profitable Online Penny Stock Trading Is Possible

Profitable investors in the Penny Stock market make money because they know where to look. Both foreign and domestic Penny Stocks can offer high returns, as high as 300%, for the savvy investor.

When Should You Consider Credit Card Bankruptcy?

Credit Card Debt, if not properly controlled, can snowball into something so large and out of control that you are forced, by circumstance, to use whatever means remain at your disposal to clear your debt. Declaring bankruptcy is such a means, but it comes at a cost and must be carefully considered

Protecting Your Assets When In Debt

If you are experiencing trouble paying your debts, you may have received notification that your assets are at risk of seizure by creditors. Missed mortgage payments can quickly lead to foreclosure and missed car payments can result in having the car repossessed.

Get a Fresh Start After Filing For Bankruptcy

Because of a number of problems that can arise, many people find themselves in a financial situation where their debt load is so heavy, there seems to be no way for them to repay all that they owe. Filing for bankruptcy may be their only hope for rectifying their financial condition and gaining a fr

One Thing to Think About If You're Looking for Bankruptcy Help

If you come to the conclusion that bankruptcy is the only way to settle all of your debts so you can start with a fresh financial slate, then you're probably looking for some form of bankruptcy help. This is not only advisable but is actually a necessity considering the fact that not many of us

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Tips

We all know that the law has been put in place to give us guidelines on how we are supposed to legally respond to situations that may require higher authority intervention. However, sometimes we tend to overlook the importance of the same, thinking that we are safe and nothing will befall us that wi

Beating Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and home foreclosures seem to be going hand-in-hand these days. The number of foreclosed homes has hit record highs and homeowners who want to avoid bankruptcy and home foreclosure need to fight back to protect their assets and their future credit worthiness. Now, there's a legal and

How the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Can Help You

The brave men and women serving in the United States Military face challenges and danger on a daily basis in the service of their country. Unfortunately, home life for the men and women who serve their country all across the world can be difficult. Life goes on without them, and sometimes things out

Determining Bankruptcy Debt Priorities

You must prioritize your finances during and after bankruptcy so make sure you do not get into even more trouble. Here are some guidelines on how to prioritize your bankruptcy debt that you still owe money on.

How to Make High Tempered Steel

Making high tempered steel can be a challenging, but rewarding experience. Many people design items such as knives or artwork from steel and temper them to make them less vulnerable to damage. In order to make high tempered steel, the steel must be brought to high temperatures and infused with carbo

Personal Bankruptcy - Five Ways to Improve Your Credit After Discharge

The number one concern of most people who are considering bankruptcy is the effect a bankruptcy will have on their credit.In some ways, this concern is merely a reflection of the consumer credit mentality that leads so many people to bankruptcy in the first place.The purpose of this article is to of

How to File for Bankruptcy in Richmond, VA

Filing for bankruptcy in Richmond, Virginia, is similar to filing in other states and cities across America, as bankruptcy is a federal process. However, many individual court districts have local rules for your petition to be accepted. If you are filing in Richmond, you must report to the United St