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Job Description of an Industry Marketing Manager

Experienced marketing professionals are needed in all industries to support sales efforts by identifying target markets and educating prospects and customers about their company's product and service offerings. Employers hire industry marketing managers for their marketing expertise as well as their

What Additional Certifications Are Available for CMAs?

For many people, the medical field is a calling and not just your standard occupation. One of many professions of medicine a person can become is a certified medical assistant. A CMA has managerial and clinical responsibilities and is integral to keeping a medical practice running efficiently. Along

Getting to know Air Ride Suspension, and what is involved

Installation of air ride equipment over a vehicle is mostly a challenging yet knowledgeable venture! There are a few things to take into account along the way and hopefully someone finds a number of answers ...

What Are the Qualities of a Good Assistant Manager?

Good assistant managers must develop superior leadership manager image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comGood assistant managers have certain specific qualities that managers look for in someone who supervises and works closely with others. The assistant manager is often the...

Contributing Factors to a Medical Assistant's Salary

There are many contributing factors and variables that play a role in determining any salary, and the same applies for a medical assistant's salary. Regardless of the profession you choose to pursue finding out about the salary you will be paid is one of the deciding factors for making your dec

Small Business Guide to Hiring Talent

As most small business owners know there is a difference between the average employee and true talent. The problem for small business owners is how to attract talent to their business, when so often large businesses are able to outbid and out-perk them, which gives them a decided advantage when it c

How to Become a Personal Trainer Online

Becoming a personal fitness trainer is easy. First, you need an interest in health maintenance. If you motivate others to work out, sharing that trait can be rewarding and add purpose to your personal workout when you become a personal fitness trainer. Becoming a licensed certified personal trainer

Older Physicians Job Search Tips

With the state of the economy some physicians cannot afford to retire and are staying longer in the work force while some that retired early are rejoining the work force. Coming out of retirement to join the work force or looking for a new position as an older doctor could be challenging.

How Can You Ensure Your Resume Is Seen?

I get a resume-related question at every job search workshop I lead. What can I put in the resume to guarantee an interview? How do employers decide who to invite from the resume pile? What keywords can I use to make my resume stand out online?

About Synchronized Cardioversion

What is "synchronized" cardioversion? Cardioversion is when you take a abnormally fast heart rate, which in medical terms is known as cardiac arrhythmia, and you bring it down to a more normal heart rate using ...

How to Be a Good Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant has an important role in a company, be the company big or small, and usually the duties vary a little with the company and boss' style. It can happen that you may be the assistant to one or more bosses, but the role is almost like being the right hand man or woman. Now a

Secrets To Success From Harvard Business School

Emily Chan, author of Harvard Business School Confidential: Secrets to Success; shares her Harvard tips in career planning. Based in Hong Kong, she is now Director of Pacific Merit Ltd. (PML), a family-owned direct investment company that invests in distressed assets in the US, Europe, and Asia. PML

How to become a Sports Nutritionist

Being an athlete is hard work. Not only do you need to take care of your body and mind both physically and mentally, you also need to take care of your nutritious intake, to maintain your body in peak

Why Executive MBA Program

MBA is one such degree which attracts aspiring candidates from all walk of life. One of the reasons behind this is the growing demand for people with an MBA degree in large companies. Why do ...

Despite the crisis in a new glass-making workshop Skalici

Despite the crisis, which significantly affected the Czech glass industry, is in Skalica in the Czech Lpa new glass workshop. Builds her famous Czech artist and designer Peter Larva. They believe the that the Czech ...

Jobs for Event Planners

Internships Internship is one of the ways to begin a career and to start a job as an event planner. Internships offer you the opportunity to experience the area. If a student just stepping into ...

Communication within an Office

Strong communication links are vital to the wellbeing of a team. The most effective links occur naturally- for example, in casual conversation- but these will need supplementing by new technology. How

Including References On Your Resume

When you are applying for a new job, make sure you do not overlook the importance of references. This article is a small guide on what you need to know when including references to your resume.