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Florida Statute of Limitations on Promissory Notes

The statute of limitations is a legal principle that establishes a designated period of time within which lawsuits must be filed in court. Florida, like other states, has provided designated limitations periods for the filing of various legal causes of action, for example, negligence, fraud and brea

Tips On Avoiding Bad Credit

Having a good credit rating is one of the most important factors to your financial well being. A person or couple with a good credit rating can be approved for a mortgage, credit card, car loan, or personal loan with a lot less difficulty than a person with bad or poor credit. Your credit rating is

Get a Business Bank Account That Your Company Can Bank On

Business bank accounts are essential when operating your own company. Not all bank accounts are the same and not all banks charge you for their services. Consider how much your bank account costs you and whether you could save money for your business.

Getting a No Credit Car Loan in Canada

When looking for car finance you will come across many offers stating No Credit, No Problem 100% Car loan Approval? This offer isn't completely true unless the car dealer is going to carry the loan hi

What Does The "Easy Button" Have To Do With Credit Repair?

Fixing your bad credit is not easy...despite all the happy talk from people trying to sell you something. Fix your own damaged credit; don't pay somebody to do it for you. Learn step-by-step credit repair secrets and powerful strategies for fixing your damaged credit....Don't wait, start t

How You Can Obtain Credit Loan Approval in Spite of a Bad Score

There are many things a creditor will consider before agreeing to give you a loan. Your income level, credit report, score, duration at which you've been on your job, etc. But really if you need to obtain a loan anytime soon and you've got a pretty sore score, there are chances you'll

Family Budgeting - Taking a Look at a Budget Surplus

If you find that your monthly spending and income comparison is showing that you have money left over at the end of the month, don't go out and book that cruise you've been wanting to take. Your surplus could be because you aren't paying some of your bills, or you've been taking

Bankruptcy Restrictions on Credit Cards

Bankruptcy comes in two forms, both of which have implications for existing credit card debts. Going bankrupt also affects credit scores, limiting but not eliminating the likelihood of being issued a credit card in the future. A bankrupt person who is issued a credit card may be given limited credit

4 Reasons To Apply For Credit Monitoring

Do you want to prevent fraud and maintain your good credit standing? Then you absolutely must practice good credit monitoring. Read on and find out why you should incorporate credit monitoring in your

How to Make a Real Life Budget

It is easy to make budgets based on percentages from a book or worksheet. But how do you make a budget that fits the real life that you live?

Mantra's To Refinance UK Dream Home with Poor Credit Mortgage

Remortgaging with Poor Credit Mortgage history has become very popular in recent years, enabling homeowners to free up equity for many different reasons. e.g. home improvements, a new car, luxury holidays and of course to clear outstanding debts, but if you have a bad credit history you may land in

Using Credit Agencies to Manage Your Finances Better

Savvy consumers are now using the World Wide Web to manage their finances better. Modern technology now makes it possible for you to consult online credit agencies for information about your credit rating. You can monitor changes to your credit report and promptly revise your financial activity in r

How to Fix a Bubble on Tint

Tint lessens the amount of bright light that comes through windows and makes it more difficult to see through to the inside. Applying tint can be frustrating, however, as the smallest mistake creates bubbles in the tint that look ghastly. The best way to remove the bubbles is to take the tint comple

Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft can be a huge problem for those not prepared to handle it. With our information given to so many companies and available online, it has become fairly easy to steal. Once it is stolen, it can cause serious damage to your credit and place you on a long road to credit repair.

Building Business Credit Profiles 101

The first thing you need to do in building business credit is to establish your business as an entity that is separate from your personal credit profile. This means your business must have structure, very much like corporations do. It is quite common for small businesses to start out as a limited li