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The 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative

The 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI) is an initiative by the IRS to provide some form of amnesty to individuals seeking to comply with disclosures for foreign incomes. The IRS is seeking to aggressively pursue incomes made overseas that have not been disclosed and has provided ta

IRS Form 9465 Instructions

The IRS understands that sometimes individuals are unable to pay all of the taxes they owe by April 15. Because of this, the government offers individuals the opportunity to fill out Form 9465 to request an installment agreement to make payments to the IRS. An installment plan can ease the stress of

List of Tax Write-offs for the Self-employed

OverviewSelf-employed people might freelance from home or be independent contractors for companies. While you may not have money taken out of your paycheck for taxes, you might have to file quarterly taxes and pay a percentage of your income back to the Internal Revenue Service. Paying...

How do I Donate a Boat in Louisiana?

Most people know that charities all over the United States accept vehicle donations, but not all of those people know that boat donations are also accepted. If you donate your boat to a Louisiana charity it will not be used by the charity, but it will be auctioned to the highest bidder with the proc

How to Resolve Tax Liens Against a Property

If you owe back taxes and the IRS files a lien on your property, it can be a scary proposition. However, there are steps you can take remove the lien and get back on track. The trick is acting quickly and working with the IRS to find a solution.

How the IRS Looks at Hobbies Vs Real Businesses for Tax Purposes

The IRS takes a list of things into account when determining the difference between a business and a hobby. This will impact your tax situation if you are showing a loss. The IRS is very concerned with this issue and will catch many taxpayers off-guard each year.

Am I Expected to Pay Taxes on My Google AdSense Earnings?

The fast and easy answer to this question is, yes. As an American citizen, you are expected to pay taxes on all of your earnings, worldwide. Because these earnings are attached to a blog or website that you run on the Internet, it does not exempt them from being part of your taxable income.

Tax Administration In Gst Regime

The scheme of GST should be supported by a strong tax-administration infrastructure for it’s optimum success. Without an efficient tax-administration the implementation of goods and services tax will be just like pouring water in the bottomless bowl.

How to Find Out If a Federal Tax Return Has Been Processed

Federal taxes have never been so complicated -- and yet so streamlined -- due to personal computers. As the tax codes get increasingly detailed, it becomes almost impossible to do your own taxes without tax software. However, whether you file your taxes yourself, use an online service or hire someon

Co2 Car Emissions

You are lucky if you have your own car but luckier if its greener and environmental friendly. With world all tensed towards crucial problem of global warming, government of United Kingdom has taken an important ...

How to Form an S Corporation in 4 Steps

How to form a subchapter S corporation when the corporation has missed the deadline for filing IRS Form 2553 and making a retroactive S Corp election.

Top Reasons How a CPA Can Help Tax Preparation

There are so many people in New York who try to do their own taxes and as long as you don't itemize then it is somewhat easy to do. If however you do get the opportunity to itemize or if you have several complications that may make it hard to do your taxes on your own then you need to get a CPA

Free Tax Preparation for Low-income Families

Each year when tax time comes around, many people take their tax documents to a preparation agency to ensure their taxes are completed correctly. For low-income families, tax preparation agencies are too expensive. Many communities provide free tax preparation by volunteers for families who meet cer

What Are Donations Worth for Taxes?

You can deduct donations you make to a qualified charitable organization from your taxes, according to Internal Revenue Service Publication 526. You can estimate your tax savings quickly using your marginal tax rate and donation amount, but other factors will influence how much you will actually sav

Do You Have to Pay Federal Tax on an Inheritance?

Inheriting money or property from an estate may carry tax consequences to both you and the estate. As a general rule, you are not liable for federal income tax on money or property you receive as an inheritance. You may have to pay taxes on income building up in an inheritance that has not yet been

Where Can I Find A Low Cost Accountant?

Are you prepared to accept high street prices when there's a better deal to be had online? Online services are now just as good as highstreet firms and are far more convenient, so what's the problem?

What Are the Earned Income Limits for Taxable SS Benefits?

The Social Security Administration imposes a penalty on early retirees for earned income in excess of an annual amount that changes year-to-year. The Internal Revenue Service imposes taxes on a combined income figure, and the funds go to the Social Security Administration. Congress added the first t

Tax On Company Cars

Tax on Cars is part of the reason that being provided with a company car has reached such high levels of cost. In order to minimize the tax costs of company cars, careful consideration is ...