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How Breast Cancer Research Treatment Saves My Sister

It seems that there are so many charitable causes that you cannot begin to give to all of them. My husband and I give to our church and the charities that it sponsors. That is the bulk of our cash donations.

Tips to Treatments for Metastatic Breast Cancer

About MetastasisMetastasis is the state when the cancer has advanced fully, and spreads to other organs from the original site and the stage as know as metastatic breast cancer.Could be found after th

Is Chelation Therapy Effective For Cancer Treatment?

Cancer does not care if you are poor or rich. If you are unknown or famous. Cancer will strike and strike hard. Here are some of the celebrities who have cancer. Fran Drescher, Edie Falco, Sheryl Crow, Farrah Fawcett, Gene Wilder, Patrick Swayze and Kylie Minogue. Colin Powell, Peter Jennings, Olivi

All About The Asbestos Mesothelioma

Asbestos is a fibrous substance which was frequently used for its enormous insulating attributes. During intact, the fibers act upon efficiently and make available zero danger to human. Though, the fibrous substance stops working with ...

Laughing At Cancer On World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day is May 4th and people all over the world are going to be gathering for laugh fests. After all, laughter has been proven to reduce stress, improve heart health and aid in weight loss. What could be a better reason to get your laugh on than that? How about helping people with cancer

Some Cure Alternatives for Adrenal Cancer

Adrenal glands are located on the top of kidneys. They are very important since they are specialized in creating hormones like cortisol. However, they are susceptible to adrenal cancer. Luckily, there are some possible treatments which can be performed to heal this disorder.

Pleural Mesothelioma PrognosisAnalysis,& Possibilities

Pleural Mesothelioma is a type of cancer, that is brought on generally by exposure to asbestos, that strikes the different layers of the pleura around the chest wall structure.Some signs and symptoms include difficulty breathing and losing weight.

Estrogen May Improve Colon Cancer Survival

Younger women with advanced colon cancer live slightly longer than younger men with advanced disease, but the survival advantage disappears as women age and their estrogen levels drop, a new study shows.

Sea Sponge Drug May Fight Breast Cancer

A drug derived from sea sponges extended the lives of breast cancer patients whose cancer had come back -- despite as many as five rounds of chemotherapy -- by an average of two and a half months.

Mushrooms for Cancer From Around the World

More studies are coming out everyday showing that medicinal mushrooms strengthen immunity, fight cancer, and shrink tumors. If you are searching for mushrooms for cancer treatment, this article gives you a brief overview of mushrooms from around the world that have proven efficacy in the fight again

Detection of breast cancer in Urdu language

A primary doctor thermography and ultrasound specialist, recommends carrying out regular breast health. One of the most modern methods of early detection of breast cancer is the thermography.

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

The DIEP flap reconstruction is named after the deep inferior epigastric, an artery that supplies blood to the vessel(s) connected to the tissue that will be used to reconstruct the breast. To learn more about the DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure, I asked some questions of Gabriel Kind, MD,


Sarcoma is a type of cancer. Discover the details of this rare cancer.

Meat and Dairy Raise the Risk of Prostate Cancer Symptoms

If a man in your life is at risk for developing prostate cancer symptoms, here's some information you might want to pass along. While a connection between eating meat and enjoying high fat dairy products and cancer of the prostate has been suspected for a while, recent research by a team at Oxf