How to Paint Your Own Rubberwood Furniture

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How to Mix Colors for Art Painting Restoration

Over time, art work can become damaged or discolored from a variety of factors. Temperature, dirt, poor storage conditions and careless handling can have an adverse effect on the quality of the piece. Art restoration is crucial in preserving timeless pieces of art and keeping their original beauty.

How to Draw a Picture of a Horse

As indicated by ancient cave paintings, horses have been a popular subject for artists since people first began to draw. You don't have to sketch on a cave wall to join the fun. Draw your own horse in the comfort of your home. Beginners should work from photographic reference. You can capture the im

How to Draw Running Animals

Drawing is a great outlet for creativity and a great way to use your imagination. Learn to use a framework that will allow you to draw running animals and use reference in conjunction with your imagination to add accuracy to your drawings. Running animals can be difficult to draw, so take extra care

Tips for Painting Wood Furniture

Remove varnish top coats with sandpaper, prior to application.sandpapier image by Thomas Aumann from Fotolia.comWhen it comes to painting wood furniture, preparation is key to avoiding paint failure. In addition, improper application techniques can lead to unattractive finishes, marred...

How to Paint Faces With Oil Pastels

Painting faces with oil pastels is difficult but can be mastered if you use simple flesh colors with shadow. The first step is to draw the face, eyes mouth and hair, and then mix your paints. To make flesh color from oil pastels, mix ocher and a lot of white. You should also use an under painting of

2007 New York Anime Festival - Anime Plushies

The exhibit floor offered lots of must-have anime and manga collectibles for sale, like these plushies featuring characters from Bleach, Fruits Basket and Fullmetal Alchemist. See photos of highlights from 2007 New York Anime Festival at Jacob Javits Center, New York City, NY, including the crowds o

How to Draw a Comic Book Cover

Comic book covers can be eye catching with the detail work and color. The amount of work put into a comic book cover can take minutes or it can longer depending on the artist and their vision for the drawing. Varying the line thickness using inking pens can give the appearance of thickness and depth

How to Paint on Curved Objects

While there is no set historical time period that can be attributed to the beginning of painting, it is safe to assume that painting has been a part of human history from the beginning. Painting allows the artist to represent a specific mood through the colors and direction of the piece, therefore t

How to Paint a College Girl's Room

College students -- or those of college age -- often graduate from their high school decor. It is time to redecorate your room to reflect your new position in life. College students are typically forbidden from painting their dorm room walls, but if you live off-campus, you have more freedom to deco

How to Get Lead Writing to Show Up on Black Paper

Writing or drawing in pencil on black paper can be challenging because many of the lead colors don't show up as distinctly on black as they do on white or other colors. However, there are some steps you can take to make your pencil drawings stand out against a black background.

17th Century Paintings of Women

Most types of paintings which prominently featured women who were not of religious or mythical importance in 17th century Western art were portraits. Occasionally, painters, such as Diego Velasquez or Johannes Vermeer, would feature women in domestic scenes who were not posing for a commissioned por

How to Draw for Oil Paintings

An important first step in oil painting is to make a drawing on the canvas to establish the composition. Traditionally, this first drawing was made with vine charcoal. Vine charcoal is the ideal medium for this under drawing, because you can easily rub it off with a rag if you make a mistake, yet th

My Favorite Anime Downloads

I'm about to discuss my favorite anime and manga.Here's a little taste of what titles I watch and like/love.

How to Use Gold Leaf Sheets

Craftsmen make gold leaf by hammering gold into tissue-thin sheets. Gold leaf is most often used in a process called gilding in which the sheets are applied to decorative items such as statues, picture frames or mirrors. Gold leaf is also commonly used in interior decoration and architecture and is