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How to Upgrade a Dell Latitude D600 Processor

As your laptop ages and your new software doesn't run as well as you would like, there is a less expensive option to buying a newer computer. Replacing the Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz processor inside your Dell Latitude D600 with a faster unit improves the laptop's performance and extends its life. Reac

How to Burn Video Files From My Hard Drive to a DVD

Whether you want to transfer your video files to another PC or simply store a backup of them, with Windows 7 you can burn them to a blank DVD as quickly and easily as copying them to a USB stick or external hard drive. As this process just uses Windows Explorer, you don't need any special software o

How to Create Partitions on CF Cards for Windows

CompactFlash cards are used in digital cameras and other small devices. When you want to separate files from other ones, you can partition the drive. This will make a mandatory separation, splitting the card into multiple storage areas. To perform this operation, you need to have a computer. If your

How to View My Windows 2000 Administrator Password

An "administrator password" on a Windows 2000 user account is a specialized word or numerical combination that prevents unwanted individuals from being able to access the inner workings of a computer. As an administrator account is the one that can change all settings of Windows 2000 and add and rem

How to Make Sure a Computer Wireless Switch Is Turned On

If your computer will not connect to a wireless Internet signal, one of the first things to check is whether your computer's wireless switch is turned on. Many laptop computers have a switch located on the exterior of the computer that controls its ability to connect to wireless networks. This switc

How to Set Up HDTV As a Monitor

High-definition televisions (HDTVs) display clear and crisp picture quality. An HDTV can also serve as a monitor for your computer or laptop. The larger screen is useful when watching video files or if you use your computer or laptop as your primary DVD player.

Are You Looking For DVD Duplication Services?

DVD duplication services these days are getting more and more popularity. With the technological innovations taking place nowadays, there need not be any worry about losing your valuable possessions like DVD collections. In addition to ...

Methods Used to Transfer Paper Based Data to a Computer

You can reduce the piles of paper in your home or office.ballyscanlon/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesBefore you move your data from paper to online, consider your goals and the amount of paper you want to transfer. By doing so, you'll have an easier time in selecting a transfer method. For...

How to Remove Keyboard on an HP Pavilion DV2400

The HP Pavilion DV2400 is an entertainment laptop which features a 1.73Ghz dual core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a DVD-RW drive and a 14.1 in. high-definition widescreen display.With all the devices and features of the DV2400, the keyboard is still the most heavily used device on the computer. In the ev

Will Adding RAM Speed Up My Computer?

Random Access Memory (RAM) has been around since the first personal computers, and has improved over time. It is one of the most important components to have now, aside from a CPU. In fact, RAM helps your computer allocate and store parts of a program that would be used frequently, like a warehouse

How to Troubleshoot a Microsoft Wireless Transceiver

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect peripherals like mice, keyboards and headsets without the need for years. However, most PCs don't come with Bluetooth support built into the machine. In order to use Bluetooth devices, you'll need to set up a wireless transceiver through one of your USB por

How to Tell What Colors a Print Cartridge Should Print

Which ink cartridges are used during the printing process depends on the type of computer printer you use and the document you are printing. Some documents may only require black ink while others will use and blend all the ink colors. Some printer cartridges contain only black ink, while some contai

The Best Practices for Software Maintenance

IT departments do well to keep end users problems image by kuhar from Fotolia.comSoftware maintenance involves enhancing applications for compliance with legal requirements and adapting a database to work with more than one type of operating system or to allow the...

AUM Memory Chip Issues

AUM system memory modules are manufactured by OM Nanotech. These memory modules are usually sold in bulk to computer manufacturers. Your computer uses them to temporarily hold instructions and data needed to complete tasks. This allows your computer's processor to access these stored instructions ve

The HP PSC 1200 Won't Print Black

When your HP PSC 1200 is failing to work properly, you don't need to make a trip to the office supply store to buy a new unit. Fixing the issue on your own at home only requires a few minutes of your time, as you go through a series of brief troubleshooting procedures. If your PSC 1200 will print in

Fuji Electric Components

Fuji is a worldwide company producing electric components and providing circuitry, motors and other equipment. Fuji has grown over the last 80 years by increasing its "world-class components" and improving its customer service to grow its company further and to support its current...

How to Enable Bluetooth on a HP Mini

The HP Mini has built-in Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect keyboards, mice and other Bluetooth-enabled accessories without using wires. Before you use the Bluetooth on an HP, you first need to enable it. Powering the Bluetooth on the computer on is easy to do, however, and should only

The Paper Won't Feed in My Canon IP4000

The Canon PIXMA iP4000 is a photo printer designed with two print media paths. Paper feeds through the printer from the sheet feeder or cassette. When paper won't feed through the PIXMA iP4000, the source of the issue can be difficult to pinpoint at first since several factors, including the conditi

How to Make a Disk Image With XP

Losing data can cause a lot of stress. You can avoid such a problem by making a disk image with Windows XP. A disk image is a software copy of your hard drive, which can then be accessed later for recovery. There is a range of third-party disk imaging software available for purchase, but XP has a fr