How to Enable PAE in Windows XP Professional

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Wordpad Command Line Options

Wordpad can be a very useful program for any computer user, and it is a good idea for everyone who uses a PC to become familiar with this easy-to-use and lightweight word processor. Wordpad can provide many of the same advantages of Microsoft Word and similar programs, combined with the ease of use

How to Proxy Apache 2

The Apache server lets you host Web applications for your internal company users or online. The release of the Apache 2 server introduced the ability to enable it as a proxy, or a gateway for users to connect to the Internet. It enables control of Internet access for network administrators, and it s

How to Adjust Startup Programs for Windows

Startup programs, or boot programs, are computer programs that launch automatically when you turn on your computer. When you turn on a PC, the operating system loads and then the operating system launches the startup programs. If your system has many startup programs turned on, it can make the start

What Is "Run Chkdsk F"?

Chkdsk is a software utility, included with all versions of the Windows operating system, which checks–and, optionally, corrects–errors on the hard disk drive of a computer. Selecting "Start," "Run" and typing “chkdsk /F” requests chkdsk to check and fix e

How to Back Up a Dell GX280

The Dell OptiPlex GX280 is a Pentium 4 2.8 ghz desktop printer. This computer is a perfect fit for business or home computing needs. This computer can handle all of your Internet, graphic design and office productivity software needs. The Dell OptiPlex is a computer that is capable of storing a larg

How to Edit the Disable Tray Icon and Hide the WinVNC4 Icon Registry

While you run WinVNC on your computer, your desktop is accessible and controllable via a VNC client on any other computer connected to it over a network. As such, you may want to leave WinVNC running for a long time---but the program also causes a small icon to appear in the Windows System Tray, whi

Microsoft XP Visual Styles

Microsoft Windows XP introduced new visual styles to the Windows platform.mouse on dark image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.comOne of the major features of the Windows XP operating system developed by Microsoft were its attractive visual styles. Windows operating systems prior to Windows...

Vista Windows Media Center Won't Start

When Windows Media Center does not load or you receive a message that "Media Center has stopped working" you will need to correct the problem. This is done by resetting the database file that is used by Windows Media Center. However, if the program is missing from the list in the Start menu, you wil

How Do I Upgrade Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows 6.1?

It is entirely possible to upgrade your phone from Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6.1. There are two major problems. If you make a mistake you will actually break your phone and not all phones with Windows Mobile 5.0 accept the infrastructure of Windows Mobile 6.1. For this reason, you should

Toshiba Tecra M5 Laptop Computer Specs

The Toshiba Tecra M5 is a business laptop.laptop image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia.comThe Toshiba Tecra M5 is a business laptop computer that was released by Toshiba in 2007. The computer is intended a desktop replacement computer and was designed with business use in mind, forgoing...

How to Hide the Welcome Screen on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows Vista and Windows 7 both include a Welcome Screen that appears each time the operating system loads when you start or restart the computer. The Welcome Screen will display a notification about unread email messages and various other options you can access for the operating system. However, i

How to Install MPlayer Codecs After a Download

The MPlayer is a media player available for both Windows and Mac computer systems. This player supports more video and audio files that most standard media players (such as QuickTime and Windows Media Player), making it extremely useful. However, if you have recently downloaded additional codec file

How to Install VST Plugins in Logic After Wrapping on a Mac

Apple's Logic Pro and Logic Express are designed to use a single, proprietary plugin format known as AudioUnits. The majority of third-party plugins produced since the early 2000s include this format in their repertoire because of Logic's preeminence in the professional digital audio world. However,

How to Speed Up the Internet in Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista was released in 2007. It was coined by Microsoft as the easiest operating system to use because of it new user-interface. For the most part that was true. Speeding up your internet connect is very easy within Windows Vista. Using the simple control panel networking settings,

How to Fix Blue Screen Problems

The Windows operating system has given many users the displeasure of a blue screen. The blue screen on a Windows PC is usually caused two different problems on the system. Viruses or malware that has been installed on the computer can trigger the blue screen, as well as a faulty or outdated driver.

Uninstalling Twain Drivers on Windows XP

Twain is a computer hardware company that makes a number of devices designed for all versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP. When you install your Twain hardware device, you also install something called a driver. You can't remove a device driver from Windows XP the same way

How to Install Windows XP Professional Without Users

One of the newest features that Windows XP offers is the ability to have separate users on your computer. This is especially useful if you would like to share your computer with other people in your household. However, it can be an annoyance if you are the only user on your computer. At times like t

The Advantages of Using Windows 2000 Pro

A desktop computer running Windows 2000 professional had a number of advantages over earlier operating systems.personnel f??minin au travail image by Ren?? Gastinel from Fotolia.comWindows 2000 Professional was released on February 17, 2000. It is based on Windows NT architecture....

How to Setup a Network Connection on Windows XP Professional

To the uninitiated, configuring your wireless home network for Windows XP Professional can be quite a daunting and overly complicated task; however, the benefits of having a wireless Internet network set up in your home outweigh the hassle of the configuration. Once you are finished, you will be abl

How to Defrag Windows 2000 XP 64K

Microsoft Windows operating systems support several file system formats, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. Even though each file system has unique features and characteristics, they all become fragmented with use, scattering bits of information throughout the hard drive rather than storing rel