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How to Get eBooks Onto the Sony PRS600

Thanks to the public's increasing acceptance of digital book readers, today most new books come in both paper and digital format. eBook readers such as the Sony PRS600 make it easy for book readers to enjoy digital books. Getting eBooks on the PRS600 is as simple as connecting the PRS600 to your com

How to Make a Flash Picture on Paint.Net

You can use Paint.NET to modify your photograph, making it brighter or darker in different areas. If you want to add a flash to the entire image or just a certain area, the glow effect can help. It lets you control the brightness, contrast and radius of the flash. The radius in particular tells Pain

How to Do Bullets in Excel

Though Microsoft Excel is typically used for entering concise bits of data into cells of a spreadsheet, there are occasions when you might wish to type a significant amount of text into a cell. A common way to break this text up for readability is to make it a bulleted list. Unlike Word, Excel doesn

How to Change the Toolbar in Excel 2007

Microsoft's Excel 2007 spreadsheet software debuted the program's "ribbon" interface, a tabbed toolbar that takes the place of the menus and toolbars from previous versions. The ribbon reorganizes many frequently used options, such as print commands and text formatting, which some users may find inc

Ideas for Tumblr Posts

Tumblr is a blogging, photo-sharing and networking tool. You can use your tumblr blog -- called a tumblelog -- to share journal entries, quotes and other writing, photographs, videos or music. Some tumblelogs have a uniting theme, such as architecture, travel or popular culture; others randomly coll

Video: How to Keep the Cells in Excel From Changing When I Copy & Paste

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Brie Clark, and I'm a software expert, and today I'm going to show you how to keep the cells in Excel from changing when you copy and paste. Now in this Excel document I have some sales figures for different regions and different quarters but I just got...

Why Should You Buy A Vehicle Leasing Software?

This article mainly focuses on the importance of the vehicle leasing software and its impact on the vehicle leasing industry. Want to know about this software? Then go through this article. The vehicle rental or ...

How to Restore FBW Files

Most computer manufacturing companies have their own specific software installed on their computers, along with Microsoft Windows, when the product is purchased. This holds true for Hewlett Packard. One of their programs is called "HP Backup and Recovery Manager", and it uses FBW files, which are

How to Play HD Clips on a PC

High-definition video clips are often the same format as standard definition video, the only difference is the actual resolution of the movie file. These files play exactly the same on all Windows-based computers, and it is possible to watch the contents on any media player installed on the computer

How to Install Real Player on Mandriva

RealPlayer for Linux is a media player that allows you to play RealMedia files, Windows media and video from websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on the Linux operating system. Mandriva is one of the Linux distributions that uses the RPM package manager for file installation. There is an

How To Remove Rar Password

Want to remove RAR password to gain access to the files? Follow the sep-by-step guidance in the article and try to recover RAR password with 3 different attack options: brute-force attack, brute force with mask and dictionary attack.

Cluster of Yellow Daisies

A digital scrapbooking kit using aqua, gold and green color tones and elements for recording heritage pictures and moments in time.

How to Make Tiny Labels

Identifying and marking your items is easy when you make your own labels. This is especially helpful when living with a roommate or if you're freezing multiple leftovers and other items. Making your own tiny labels lets you label many small items to keep track of them. The materials required are min

V.92 Software

This V.92 modem software performs duplex mode operation on the PSTN and is used for both the upstream and downstream connections.

How to Make Picture Frames for My Website

Putting a frame around some of the graphics on your website is a good way to emphasize them and add style to the look and feel of your site. If you have a picture of yourself or another image that represents you, you may want to put it in some kind of stylish border or frame to go along with the the

Migrate from Apple Mail MBOX to PST Outlook Seamlessly

Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software, convert Apple Mail to PST / MBOX to PST for Windows Outlook. Transition of data from a Mac computer to Windows PC can be a daunting task. It can get more frustratin

How to Make a Safe Backup?

Data backup is the best way to prevent data loss. However, backup can become dysfunctional due to many reasons but still it is one of the effective ways to safeguard your stored data. Backup helps to safeguard data loss especially against unforeseen hard drive errors like system failure, file system