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google chromebook

google chromebook Google has officially launched a pilot channel system around its Google Chromebooks cloud-based notebooks, CRN has learned. Introduced earlier this year at the Google I/O conference, Google Chromebooks tend to be small, low-cost ...

Homemade Address Books

A decorative homemade address book can give your address collecting efforts a personal and creative touch. A blank greeting card, some blank paper, and a ribbon are all you need to make a stylish homemade address book that matches your personality. Make one for yourself, and then make more to give a

Catholic Religious Jewelry For Your Confirmation Gifts

This is among the most earliest recollections of medals being employed to convey and retell events that happened from the lives of the could. Medals have long played a critical part in the history of ...

How to Create My Own Hardcover Book

Publishing companies continue to be the traditional method for aspiring writers to get published. The self-publishing service industry also enables authors to turn their manuscript into a book through a simple online process. According to "Writer's Digest," the self-publishing service industry is gr

How to Make a Tassel for a Book Marker

Mark your spot in your book with a creative and imaginative bookmark. When you make a tassel for a bookmark out of yarn or floss, you will easily find your spot with the attractive and colorful, soft tassel that hangs from the top of your closed book. Select a yarn color you like or perhaps choose a

Nolan's Shadow

A photo gallery of the upcoming film The Dark Knight by Warner Bros. Based on the Batman character from DC Comics.

How to Make a Book Rest Pillow

A book rest pillow is great for enjoying a book in bed. The pillow elevates your book, eliminating the need to prop it up, which is especially helpful if you or a loved one is sick. The pillow has a strap to keep the book from slipping and has a handy bookmark always within reach. This pillow is lov

Good Thing About Publishing Your Books Online

Did you know that the world is now up to something that is undeniably uncontrollable? Obviously, that is the use of the internet. I myself can attest to this reality. It is a fact that ...

Video: How to Fix Run-ons and Fragments

Video Transcript In the last segment we showed you examples of sentences that had some clear structural problems. Now we are going to show you ways that you can fix these sentences and make them work in your overall piece. The first example was a really long run on sentence. We have:...

Publishing and the Publisher’S Profits

The profit driven values of the publishing industry can get any aspiring writer down. There are many publishers who choose manuscripts based on the fact that it has the most profit potential, where the quality ...

How to Troubleshoot a Frozen Screen in a Kindle

The Kindle is an electronic e-book reader designed and manufactured by Amazon. The device uses a black and white e-ink screen, which provides an efficient and high-resolution digital display. E-ink only uses battery power when changing the contents of the screen, but does not require power to contin

McCulloch Chain Noticed Areas - Exchange Or Fix?

Many people today may possibly not have a need for a chainsaw. They may possibly be in a position to get away with doing light trimming, mowing, and edging to hold their lawns looking wonderful. ...

Copywriting Tricks that the Pros Use to Make Sales

When working as an Internet marketer copywriting is a very good skill to have. It helps you sell more products than anything else. In order for you to see a substantial increase various factors should ...

Easy Lessons for Learning the Keyboard

The keyboard can be thought of as an electronic version of a piano, and learning to play the keyboard is similar in most ways to learning the piano. The main difference between the keyboard and the piano is that a keyboard usually has several different sounds it can produce. Finding easy lessons for


A photo gallery of Marvel Comic's Incredible Hulk and the characters associated with the title.

How to Make a Metal Scribe

A metal scribe is, in a way, the metalworker's equivalent of the carpenter's pencil. A metalworker uses it to draw directly onto metal, often along the straight edge of a metal rule. Although there are many ways to make a metal scribe, author Joanna Gollberg's method is easy to do.

DIY Brag Book

Brag books are a convenient way to share special photographs with others. Proud grandparents and other relatives, for example, gladly pass around and enjoy brag books featuring newborn babies. A brag book also creates a special and unique memento of an occasion such as a birth.