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Latin Interjections

Latin Interjections. List of Common Interjections in Latin.

Mice Inoculated With Lunar Sample Material

A picture of scientists examining mice in the Animal laboratory of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory which have been inoculated with lunar sample material.


Andreia was the Greek quality of manliness.

Arts & History Technology Grants

Grants for art, history and technology can go to individual art installations or entire museums or universities.sculpture moderne image by MONIQUE POUZET from Fotolia.comEach year, technological advances affect more and more aspects of society, including those related to art and history....

How do I Find People on DeviantART?

DeviantART is a site that allows users to browse the works of artists and share their own works of art. Whether for business purposes or simply to admire others' work and receive feedback on your own, the site functions as a thriving community for artists. The search function on deviantART's site is


Glossary entry on imperium.

The 3 Possible Ways a Gladiator Fight Could End

The editor of a gladiatorial match decided who lived and who died in the arena, although he usually paid some attention to the cries of the crowds and the gestures for mercy of the gladiators.


What was the Banning?


While we don't know what happened to the Minoans, they seem to have been taken over by the Mycenaeans from the Greek mainland, because after 1500 a new writing dominated Cretan records, Linear B. We know about the Mycenaeans from Homer's epics.

Uncle Billy: Major General William T. Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman was a key Union general during the Civil War. Rising to prominence under Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Sherman served as an effective corps commander before being given overall command in the West. Capturing Atlanta in 1864, William Sherman conducted a scorched earth march to Savan