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Green Living Tips - The Pros And Cons of Green Energy

We'll keep pushing forward with these and other green technologies because we need to become energy independent, even if we aren't sure how to accomplish that at this time. In the meantime, new green technologies will come along and our ability to capture and save energy will eventually co

Energy Conservation and How You Can Do Your Part

The current issue in today's society is to keep our planet in the best shape possible and even improve it's current less-than-stable condition. Clearly, and now more than ever, global warming and climate change is a real and pressing issue and the majority of people are coming to grips wit

Are You Really "Green" Enough?

When most of us think about damage being done to the environment, or global warming, we often start pointing fingers at big industries. Now, it is true that they are doing more harm than good, in terms of the condition of our environment, but the truth is that we, as individuals, are also doing our

Living Green and Thereby Reducing Our Carbon Footprint and Saving the Earth

Recycling is the simplest and most effective ways that we can help save the environment. There are plenty of different steps that we can take at home where you can separate trash for this purpose. It is convenient if you can buy plastic trash cans and label them for each individual product.

The Effect of Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products is a company listed as the one of the top green friendly companies of the world. If your aim is to sustain the environment without adding much chemical residues, this s is the answer for you. They design the products which give the same effect avoiding the use of harmful chem

Can Green Cars Help Minimize the Problem of Global Warming?

Global warming is a controversial subject today. Some people believe that it is a reality, while others content that global warming is a figment of imagination. However, several studies and reports have proved that rising global temperatures are a reality that we should accept, and cars have contrib

50 Shades of Green

It's a powerful piece of pop culture, the book 50 Shades of Gray. How powerful? Forty million copies sold -- so far!

The Biology of Inspiration

New science recognizes that life is more than the study of its individual parts. The revised curriculum balances our historic reductionist perspective with the evolving concepts of holism. By focusing on the power of interactive, autopoetic communities, whether they are comprised of energy waves, ch

The Seven Key Elements of a Corporate Climate Change Strategy

Over the coming years and decades climate change will have a stark influence on our lives. Companies will not be unaffected by these changes. Markets will change, as will client requirements and there will be a steep rise in legislation with regards to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. De

Matter Hidden In The Remains Of Collision Of The Galaxies

While observing and by simulating on computer the remains of a collision of two galaxies, an international team carried out by astrophysicists of laboratory AIM (1) (CEA/DSM, CNRS, University Paris Diderot), with the participation of researchers of the LAM (2) (CNRS, University of Provence), showed

Forty Billion Gallons Per Day

While the rapidly rising costs of energy occupy out attention today, another larger crisis is developing. The costs of obtaining, treating, transporting, and disposing of water are rising and will continue to rise. The sources of water are shrinking while demand is growing. There is still time, even

Going Green Has Gone Mainstream

It seems to me that the green trend has picked up some steam. Now, it seems that in the business world and the world of retail particularly, green is in. Although with positive repercussions, an idea I discussed in a previous article, is a trend based on consumerism and economics.

Climate Change Factoid - Feedback Loops (Number 8 of a Series)

Feedback Loops are secondary sources of atmospheric heating that are actuated as the primary source grows. These feedback loops are a matter of concern because once activated, they hold considerable potential for dramatic acceleration of the atmospheric heating already well underway.

Bottled Water Industry Takes Off as Environment Suffers

The Bottled Water Industry has seen nothing but record profits in the last five years. Each year more and more companies enter the market and each year the environment suffers more and more. Although the plastic bottles are recyclable and fast decaying in the environment, it just is not fast enough

The Growing Problem of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The topic of global warming is a vast one, and when people talk about greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide emissions as though they are the chief problem, it's simply one aspect of the bigger picture. We have so many gadgets, appliances, and modern technology today and all of them play a part in

Dealing With The Expanding Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

There's an area in the Gulf of Mexico that has been labeled the dead zone and for very good reason. The water in that area is filled with nutrients and algae that kill the marine life and plants which normally would call it their home. Issues are caused by nitrates and other substances flowing

Our Global Water Crisis Is Here and Now

For too many years people have been exploiting the environment, and now that it's time to take steps to correct all the problems we have created, people are turning a deaf ear. Every year we pour millions of gallons of waste products into our existing fresh water resources and we consider it th

From Solar Powered Homes to Solar Powered Boats?

Solar power is not only limited to homes or calculators. It is now being branched out to vehicles and transportation machines. Raphael Domjan from PlanetSolar has developed the worlds largest solar powered boat, it has been recorded that it travels over 8 knots on water and is able to travel at grea