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Unloved - Never Feel Alone Again

How many of you are unattached, single or just plain feeling you are in a loveless relationship? Do you feel your life is empty? Are you seeking love? Discover a way to feel love.

Marriage Financial Problems - 3 Things You Can Do to Improve

Financial strain in the marriage is one of the top five reasons leading to divorce. On top of that, after the couple decides to go through the divorce, their financial situation only gets worse. While getting deeper and deeper into debt and the loss of a job adds to the difficulty of becoming financ

Caution: Free range kids, cats, dogs, frogs and fairies!

BLOG: [] There are 2 social events that I dread; both have the potential to bring tears to your eyes for very different reasons. They are weddings and funerals! No matter how much I try ...

Is He Truly in Love With Me? Signs Your Guy Is Wild About You

Is he truly in love with me? That's a very common question women ask once they've fallen head over heels for a man. We all want to bask in the glory of being truly loved and adored by the man in our hearts but sometimes it's impossible to tell if he's feeling the same deep emotio

How To Improve Your Marriage When You're Reaching Mid-Life

When couples reach their 40s or 50s, they have fears in the certain areas of their married and family lives. Some feel sad that their grown up children will soon get married and leave the house while the others are worried their sex lives may be taken for granted by their partners.

Butterfly Wedding – Great Themes

Butterflies are looked upon as beautiful and delicate creatures by all. This is due to their fragile bodies and colourful wings.

The History of Valentine's Day

We all know what Valentine's Day means today--it's a time to send and receive flowers, chocolates, and other romantic gifts; a time to show our appreciation for our significant other; generally, a time to honor ...

Top 5 Ways to Effectively Solve Problems in Marriage

Save yourself from the heartache of divorce and learn to effectively solve problems in marriage. Conflicts and disagreements are inevitable in marriage and it is important that couples are skilled and equipped in handling marital problems to keep a long lasting marriage.

The Opposite of Love

How do you deal with the emotional fall out of an acrimonious divorce?Hate is simply the reverse side of the coin to love.You cannot hate someone unless you have very strong feelings about them.When you are consumed with hurt and rage hatred may feel like a more constructive outlet than love, but is

Signs Your Wife is Leaving You - Insight Into What Her Actions Mean

If you feel your marriage is in trouble, there are several signs your wife is leaving you that you need to be aware of. If you see any of these in your spouse, now is the time to do something before you're faced with the reality of separation or divorce.

Divorce - Will the Pain Last Forever?

Are you reeling from a recent divorce? Did you just find out that your wife is gay and is moving out to be with her lover? Do you feel that the misery you feel right now will always be with you? I understand. I felt like that once too.

How Mediation Can Settle Legal Matters In A Divorce

There is a reason the divorce rates are really high in the United States. As the years roll on, often difficult situations start to take a toll on the marriage and the honeymoon has ended. Kids, finan