How to Build an Arched Garden Arbor

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Care for Roses Begins With Planting

Planting a rose plant is easy if one knows what things to consider. However, it is not as simple as how it looks. Most people think of planting to be as easy as measuring the ...

The Benefits of Florida Native Landscaping

As Floridians, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to create and maintain a beautiful yard with our fluctuating temperatures. At Earthwise Horticultural Services, we specialize in Florida Nativ

How to Use Powdered Milk to End Blossom Rot

Blossom end rot occurs in tomatoes and squash with an deficiency of calcium in the plant, according to Kim Todd, a University of Nebraska Lancaster horticulture landscape specialist. It makes the blossom portion of the plant's fruit look sunken and black before it rots out. Watering with reconstitut

House Plants & Dolomitic Lime

Dolomitic lime lowers the acidity of potting soil mixes, raising the pH. Commercial and home made potting soils often contain peat moss. Peat raises soil acidity and many house plants need a more neutral pH to flourish. One indicator that you may need to add dolomitic lime to your houseplant is yell

Family Time Outside

Getting the children involved in anything other than television and video games is hard these days. The convenience of electronics has made it harder for families to come together. Having things to do outside can mean the difference in being active and being a couch potato.

Regular Home Termite Inspections Recommended

Termites can create enormous problems for you and your house, or really anytime that they get their teeth on. Termites can chew through a lot of wood and can make the structure of any building unsafe if they are left to their own devices for enough time.

How to Create a Focal Point in a Garden

A focal point is any object, ornament or plant which draws the eye to a specific place in the garden. It's the finishing touch that adds interest and a personal flare to your outdoor space."/

Emergency Garage Repair: Countering Adversities

The various components that get together to from the complete door ought to be examined before they are utilized because a faulty screw could be expensive towards the home owner if this involves the security of his vehicle, garage and house. Door parts ought to be well-maintained and regularly cared

3 Cool Gardening Things to Learn About This Holiday Weekend

This weekend my family and I will be busy in the festivities of Christmas and even though this time of the year here in NJ means it's cold, neither the holiday nor the weather deters me from wanting to know and learn more about vegetable gardening. I put together three things that I find fascin

Orchid Growing Tips - Tips That Matter!

Growing orchids is one of the most satisfying hobbies around. When you do begin growing orchids, one thing is absolutely certain, you will need to be well informed and knowledgeable on the growing of orchids and orchid care. This article will help you to get started with some useful orchid growing t

How to Plant Munstead

Munstead -- a variety of English lavender -- is favored by many gardeners due to its versatility both in and out of the kitchen. Munstead is a common choice in the landscape because can withstand temperatures below zero and moderately long periods of drought. The first and perhaps most difficult ste

What Animal Manures to Use for Compost?

It was not so long ago when animal manures were the life and soul of the compost heap and their role in keeping the soil fertile and productive was never in question. It is only in the last fifty years or so that manures have come to be regarded as unwanted waste products and a problem to dispose of

Japanese Knotweed - More Than Just A Weed

Chances are you may not have heard of Japanese Knotweed. In fact you may even have it in your garden and not know it. But what's the big deal, it's just another weed after all - or is it?

When To Plant A Home Herb Garden

If you love the flavor that adding fresh herbs to your cooking gives, but you hate to spend a lot of money in the grocery store to constantly purchase them, then you may have just figured out when to plant a home herb garden. Once you have come to the conclusion that you will be better off doing it

Building Self-Watering Garden Pots

MaterialsThough there are many store-sold kinds of self watering pots, they all tend to have flaws. Most of them are made of plastic, which won't stand up to severe changes in weather. They become brittle and break over time. Also, they tend to be very unsightly, making them a poor...

How to Replant Epipremnum Aureum

Epipremnum aureum is a popular houseplant, also known as golden pothos or devil's ivy. In nature, E. Aureum is a climbing vine, covering tree trunks in the Solomon Islands, where it originated. Its popularity as a houseplant stems from its nearly indestructible constitution; it tolerates low light l