Florida Probate Laws on an Evidentiary Hearing

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How to Challenge the Service of Legal Papers

"Service" refers to formal delivery of a document to a person in accordance with applicable legal rules. Certain legal papers must be served before they become effective. For instance, a summons notifies someone that he is being sued. The defendant does not have to answer the suit until the summons

Hiring A Tax Lawyer Makes Good Sense

The US is one country in the world that has an abundance of lawyers and the variety of lawyers too is wide enough to ensure that no matter what kind of legal trouble you are ...

Texas Labor Laws for Layoffs

Texas follows both state and federal law when it comes to major layoffs caused by a shortage of work, bankruptcy or decisions by corporations to shut down plants or units of operation. The laws enforced by Texas are intended to protect the rights of both the employee and the employer, and...

OSHA Rules & Regulations on Ship's Ladders

Ship's ladders are regulated by OHSA standards.battleship ladder 2 image by jbattx from Fotolia.comA ship's ladder is a specific style of stairway initially used on ships. Since ships have limited deck space, ship builders had to design stairs with unusually steep slopes. These stairs...

A Northern Virginia DWI Lawyer Protects Your Rights

In the United States, people who are driving while intoxicated or DWI are committing a serious crime. This violation is no longer just a simple traffic violation as a result of the fact that many ...

How Union Budget 2012 can State the Economy

Every year on the month of February in the Loksabha session a budget announcement is being made for the traders as well as for the local people. The same has happened with union budget 2012.

How to Apply for an Estate Tax Identification Number

A federal employer tax identification number (EIN or FEIN) is a unique identifying number for employers and other entities that must pay federal taxes. The estate of a person who has died is considered a new, separate entity for tax purposes, and must obtain an EIN. This can be done by submitting th

Tax Lawyer Austin Can Protect Assets for Businesses

Providing counsel for different matters like tax compliance issues and estate planning for helping businesses deal with their tax liabilities and asset protection in case of special circumstances, tax lawyer Austin essentially function as negotiators ...

Laws in Florida on Owed Child Support With Welfare

Accepting public assistance can have an impact on child support.check in macro image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comWhen child support is owed, the acceptance of public assistance or welfare in Florida has a direct impact on an individual's child support obligations or entitlement...

Attack Dog Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey takes a hard line against the owners of vicious, or "attack," dogs. The laws distinguish between a "vicious dog" that has attacked and killed or seriously injured a person and a "potentially dangerous dog" that has injured a person or killed another animal without provocation.

Claim Settlement Regulations in South Carolina

Insurance companies must follow claim settement regulations in South Carolina to conduct business in the state.car crash image by dawn from Fotolia.comClaim settlement regulations in South Carolina provide the guidelines for insurance companies to follow when processing claims. The...

Fire Inspection Regulations for New Hampshire Foster Parents

New Hampshire requires foster parents' homes to pass a fire safety inspection. Homes must contain smoke detectors and suitable fire escape routes. If a home does not meet fire safety codes, the owner must make corrections in accordance with fire inspector instructions before taking in...

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Civil Litigation System in the U.S.

Civil litigation is the process of handling and resolving civil cases in the court of law. This type of law focuses on accidents, negligence, wrongful termination and any other disputes where someone has been harmed or distressed. The advantages and disadvantages of civil litigation depend on whethe

Penalties for Public High Schools That Break Laws in New Jersey

Public high schools, as state- and federally funded agencies, are required to comply with all aspects of the law. The state of New Jersey mandates a series of sanctions that may be applied to public high schools that commit acts in violation of the law. These sanctions may be applied in conjunction

New York State Adult Labor Laws

Employees have the burden of proof in the presumption of employment-at-will.New York state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comUnderstanding some of the provisions contained in your state's labor laws, especially those pertaining to your individual...

Senior Housing Rights in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene manages assisted living homes.spitalm??hle in schw?¡èbisch gm??nd image by G??nter Wahl from Fotolia.comIn Maryland, both federal and state laws make clear seniors' rights to housing: the Maryland Annotated Code Human Services Article...