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Great Non-Fried Pork Fillet Recipes and Sides

The awesome thing about cooking with pork fillets is that you can find so many pork fillet recipes to choose from. The one below is a nutritious adaption of fried pork chops. I've employed this method on chicken too.

Shortening vs. Butter – Nutrient Facts

For years butter and shortenings are used as spreads and also used in bakeries and many other recipes. There is always an argument among the nutritionists about the difference between shortening vs. butter because both ...

Chicken and Brown Rice Soup Recipe

Chicken and brown rice recipe is a hearty soup with chicken and brown rice seasoned with celery. It is widely eaten in the restaurants which are good in cooking starters. This recipe is widely eaten in Europe. It is easy to prepare and a high calorie diet.

How to Identify Lobster

Lobsters can be identified in several ways, but visual inspection is convenient and ideal. Two primary types of lobster exist -- the spiny, or warm-water lobster and the Maine, or cold-water lobster. Many differences between cold- and warm-water lobsters result from their geographic location. For ex

Cooking With A Cast Iron Dutch Oven

If you want to sample the most delicious food imaginable, then you must consider a cast iron Dutch oven. One of the most desirable qualities of cast iron cookware is that it cooks very evenly, making it ideal for slow cooking foods and meals. Cast iron ovens also have excellent heat retention and ca

Vegetarian Cooking For Vegetarians With a Busy Lifestyle

Planning ahead with meals is the key for everyone including vegetarian families. Many families get out and do their shopping in the weekends in order to buy the things they need for the meals through the whole week.

Hunting for the Elusive Morel Mushroom

Morel mushrooms are among the most prized edible wild mushrooms in the world. The elusive morel is hard to find and the hunting season is short. Here are some tips on when, where and how to find this delicious wild delicacy.

Display and Preserve Your Wines with Wine Cabinets

Wines are known for their heavenly taste and improvement in quality as they are preserved and gets older by age. Some wine lovers never lose a chance to buy excellent and rare wines during their ...

Selecting a wedding cake: well begin is half done

A three tier, round, delicately decorated cake and a beautiful statue of a couple topped on it is the most desired dream of every youngster. This is a traditional way to celebrate wedding according to ...

How to Successfully Plan for a Corporate Catering

There are instances where in the accomplishment of a business is dependent upon those events that be held even after office hours. The suitable instance of these types of gatherings is certainly the one and only business catering occasions.

Ideas With Candy Melts

Candy melts are small, easy-to-melt wafers made of sugar, vegetable oils, milk solids, flavorings and colors. They have a sweet, smooth taste and appearance, and make an ideal substitute for chocolate, which requires a more meticulous melting process. Make a variety of confections with candy melts

Best Coffee Maker - How To Choose One For Yourself

Nearly every coffee lover would like to have the best coffee maker in their own home and office. For the serious coffee lover, even the RV must have a perfect coffee machine. But different coffee ...

Watermelons - Nutrition to the Core

Watermelons and health are synonymous as the former packs the goodness of some of the most essential vitamins and minerals. An unbelievable thirst quencher, watermelons re-hydrate the body during the hot summer months.

The Different Coffee Beans

Generally coffee beans fall into two different types of beans which are Robusta and Arabica but this is not the names written on the bags of coffee that you would purchase as roasted coffee beans. For the most part when you buy these beans you will be buying the beans so named for the regions or cou

Differences Between a Vector Based Graphics Program and Pixel Editing

When you use a digital camera, pixels form the basis of the pictures you take, just as they do when you create images in Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. When you work in a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW!, however, your tools create vector objects using bezier curves. Toda

How to Identify Godiva Chocolates

Not all chocolates are the same, as any chocolate aficionado will tell you. Godiva chocolate is a premium brand and is a guaranteed hit as a gift for any occasion. Godiva chocolates are easily identifiable and distinctive, and have been in existence since the 1920s. Named after the legendary Lady Go

Video: How to Roast Vegetables on a BBQ

Video Transcript Hi. I'm Farm to Table chef Teca Thompson, and today we're talking about how to roast vegetables on the grill. So first I'm going to make a marinade for the vegetables. So I have mint garlic here. I'm going to use about one large clove, shallots, I'm going to use about...