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New Parent? Learn the Basics of Baby Care

Baby care is everything from how to diaper a baby to bathing your new baby and everything in between! You can easily learn how to care for your new baby.

Pregnancy: Hair Changes-Topic Overview

During pregnancy,hormonal changes can affect how your hair looks and feels. Hair loss slows down considerably,and hair growth can increase. You may notice that your head of hair is thicker and healthier-looking than usual. But some women find that their hair is more limp and lifeless during ...

Pregnant Women More Likely to Die From H1N1

Pregnancy and the H1N1 virus can be a a scary mix. However, if a pregnant woman is vigilant to the signs and symptoms of the flu, and gets herself properly vaccinated, then she can prevent serious illness and injury to herself and her unborn baby.

Frustrated Trying to Get Pregnant - Sharing Personal Experiences

Getting married is a dream for most women, and having a baby is usually the next on their list. But for some, they utterly get frustrated trying to get pregnant after a few months of hoping. In cases like these, they end up getting disheartened and exhausted. Straight away, the world seems to be the

Tips For Getting Pregnant Quickly and Safely

If you have been married for a year or more and are trying to get pregnant without success, you know how it feels. Your parents, friends and other people start asking questions about this matter and you feel embarrassed.

Enhance Your Fertility and Naturally Conceive a Baby

It is easy for some couple to conceive but for others, they need to wait or they need a little help to conceive. Knowing how to naturally conceive a baby will increase your chance of getting pregnant. If you find it hard to conceive, do not lose hope because there are ways to increase your chances o

Nuchal Fold Testing for Down Syndrome

Nuchal fold testing can be used early in pregnancy to help assess your risk for carrying a baby with Down Syndrome via a simple ultrasound.

Who's who in the delivery room?

When it comes times for you to give birth, you'll want to know who is around you and what your options are for bringing your own personal support.

Why Does Post Pregnancy Weight Gain Happen?

After giving birth to your baby, the next thing you will consider is how to shed off the excess weight you have gained. However, there are some women who notice post pregnancy weight gain even though they have already shed off most of the baby weight.

Saving Relationships Through Infertility Counseling

Getting a big and sad no for the question "are you fertile" is a tough stage to go through, especially for newlyweds who are expectant of their first ever baby. It's also disappointing for those growing extended families who are ready to see their grandchildren and spend time with the

Changes to Make When Trying to Conceive

When any woman is trying to conceive a baby, it's extremely important to make lifestyle modifications that will make the process easier. In addition, you want to make sure that your body is ready and ...

Pregnancy And Caffeine

Recent studies have focused within the effects of coffee intake during pregnancy. A large-scale Danish study polled a lot more than 80,000 pregnant women regarding their coffee intake.

The Advantages of a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

Many couples who are in the search for an infertility counter measure have come across clear blue fertility monitor and wonder how this can truly help them in their plight. Indeed for some couple, it

Childbirth Complications

A pregnancy that has progressed without any apparent hitch can still give way to complications during delivery.