What Causes Snoring and 6 Effective Snoring Aids to Stop It

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Insomnia - How Many Hours of Sleep Do We Need?

We've all been told that 8 hours is the right amount of sleep we need each night to feel refreshed and rested. However, studies have shown that these hours can be less, and a person will still function at 100% the next day.

3 Reasons To Stop Snoring Now

The overall problems brought on by snoring may not be as immediate as say, those resulting from a head-on car collision but they are there and may just be as threatening. This is why snoring and other associated sleep disorders must be taken seriously.

A Few Basic Reasons For Insomnia

In the most basic sense, insomnia is the persistent inability to fall asleep or stay asleep for a long enough period to meets the body's requirements. Insomnia is usually followed by functional impairment during waking hours due to the lack of sleep caused by insomnia.

Driving with Sleep Apnea - The Risks Explained

Many traffic accidents are caused through sleepiness, in many instances the direct result ofsomeone suffering with sleep apnea, however often they are totally unaware of their condition & the health risks associated with the condition and how with correct diagnosis it can be simply treated.

Easy Ways to Fall Asleep

Not being able to fall asleep is both frustrating and exhausting. Here are some easy ways to fall asleep.

Are You Sleeping?

Information on why sleep is so important is contained in this article. Read why you need to start prioritizing sleep today.

Loss of Hearing and Snoring

The reduction in hearing acuity associated with age is well known and often the source of much ridicule. Yet, very little is known about the mechanics behind presbycusis (age-related hearing loss).

Stop Snoring Surgery and Its Effects

Surgery should be considered as the last attempt to cure your snoring. You should try every single possibility to cure your snoring before considering surgery. Even the usage of a CPAP device is less harmful when compared to the surgery option.

The Serious Side Effects Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects thousands of people every year. Bouts of insomnia, snoring and a feeling of being even more tired when you wake up in the morning than you were when you went to bed, are all signs that indicate you might be one of them. There are also an untold number of

All You Need to Know about Sleep Apnea

In this aгticle wө аim tο cover tһe basics to enaЬle а suffeгer or someone unsuгe of wһether they have the condition to get tһe basіc informatіon prior to seeking professional helр.

CPAP Use - Tricks to Make it Comfortable

With more people being treated for sleep apnea and only a 60% compliance rate there has to be a reason people are having problems. With a little education and a few tricks of the trade using your CPAP will be a comfortable experience.

Are You Suffering From Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome?

Do you or a loved one often wake up each day feeling even more fatigued than when you originally fell asleep? Most people that experience daytime fatigue after believing they have gotten a good nights rest ignore this symptom. They contribute it to being overly stressed or spread too thin between th

Snoring Cures - What Are Your Options?

If you or your partner are one of the millions of people who snore, then it's likely that snoring cures that work are high on your wish list. The trouble is, snoring is a medical problem, and like all medical problems in the information age, there are all sorts of people out there looking to se

Sleep Apnoea: Don't Ignore the Signs

Sleep apnoea (OSA) is little discussed considering its prevalence in the UK. Indeed, many people have never heard of it, although labour leader Ed Milliband's recent surgery brought the disorder into the public eye. Experts believe that somewhere between 2 and 4% of the UK population suffers fr

Insomnia - Diagnosing, Treating and Curing That Elusive Sleep

Adequate sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health. If you need evidence of how important a good night sleep is, next time you have a restless night, take careful note of how you feel the next day. Tired, fatigued, unable to focus, irritable and an overall decreased sense of well being. Gett