How to Bring a Green Puffle Into the Game "Jet Pack"

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How to Make DLC Packs on "ModNation Racers"

Create your own cars and racers in "ModNation Racers," a customizable arcade racing game. Take your created content and upload it onto the "ModNation Racers" servers, making it immediately available for everybody within your region to download for free. Access this ability through the Share section

Loratadine Alternatives

Loratadine is used to prevent hay fever.Frau putzt sich die Nase image by R.-Andreas Klein from Fotolia.comLoratadine is a modern non-sedative antihistamine. It is most popularly known as Claritin and Alavert. Some users suffer adverse side effects from using Loratadine. Antihistamines...

Wild Yam & Menopause

There are between 40 million and 60 million menopausal women in North America, and many are looking for relief from uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. While some women turn to hormone-replacement therapies, others may be seeking a natural alternative. Wild yam cream may provide relief to some women;

How to Tone and Shape Your Breasts with Exercise

If you stare in the mirror wishing you had been blessed with a more buxom bust, don't feel that breast enlargement is the only option. You don't have to spend a fortune on cosmetic surgery in order to become more shapely. There are exercises you can do that will shape and tone your breasts.

Low-Fat Cancer Diet

When it comes to cancer, every little bit helps. Maintaining a healthy, balanced, low-fat diet can contribute, possibly significantly, to eventually beating the disease and restoring bodily health. A good low-fat cancer diet will include the regular inclusion of a variety of fruits and vegetables an

How to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is almost a miracle food. It has natural properties that aid and help your body heal and be energetic. If you have been feeling tired, have a lack of energy, feel that you are run down and that your immunity is low, coconut oil is a great help. You can expect to reduce your cholesterol a

What Are the Treatments for Struvite Crystals?

Puppies of the spitz-dog and cat in studio image by Ulf from Fotolia.comStruvite crystals are a combination of minerals such as ammonium, magnesium and phosphate that can form in your pet's urinary tract. This obstruction, typically found in cats and dogs, can cause pain and at its worst,...

Risks of Low-Fat Diets

The nutrition industry makes its living by operating on a pendulum--for a time, they espouse the virtues of low-fat diets while condemning low-carb diets. As the pendulum swings the other way, suddenly low-carb diets are king, while low-fat diets are cast into exile. The best course for dieters is

Sweet Potato Nutritional Information

Sweet potatoes provide an excellent alternative to the regular potato. And it's just as versatile. You can fry, bake and even boil sweet potatoes. It also adds a nutrient boost.

Can You Stay in the House During a Redemption Period in the State of Michigan?

After a foreclosed property is sold at auction in Michigan, the transfer of the deed can only occur after the redemption period has expired. A redemption period is the timeframe a homeowner can reclaim possession of the home by paying what he owes plus applicable fees. In Michigan, this timeframe is

Harmful Effects of Plastic Waste Disposal

Many of our favorite products and containers are made from plastic. However, when we throw these plastics away they can often build up and cause some harmful effects. Most negative effects associated with plastic waste come from chemicals that leach from the plastic into the environment. You can hel

How to Use Home Remedies for Insomnia

Millions of people are affected by insomnia every year, which refers to the condition of inability or difficulty sleeping. Symptoms commonly include memory lapses, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and poor judgment. Unfortunately it is difficult to find information on natural remedies and hom

The Purpose of Hand Washing

Hand washing is important as it removes harmful bacteria from the skin and prevents the spread of illness. Hand washing is simple and requires only soap and water. It is best to create a habit of frequent hand washing for overall health.

What Is Organic Mercury Poisoning?

Organic mercury poisoning results from substances that contain a combination of the elements carbon and mercury. This type of poisoning poses a risk for severe symptoms and health complications and is difficult to treat.

The Dangers of Patchouli Oil

Patchouli is a sweet-smelling essential oil distilled from the leaves of a tropical plant. The leaves and oil of the patchouli plant are used for a variety of purposes and are very popular in medicinal aromatherapy. Patchouli is not particularly caustic or irritating, as some essential oils can be,

Herbs for Health & Healing

Long before modern drugs became an option, herbs were used for a variety of illnesses and conditions, as well as for maintaining good health. With an abundance of available information on herbs now, it is very easy to research what herbs to use for virtually every condition. Herbs have become such

Dexpak Side Effects

Dexpak is the brand-name version of the generic corticosteroid dexamethasone oral, which functions similarly to a hormone the adrenal glands produce. It's prescribed to treat certain cancers, chronic allergies, some forms of arthritis, asthma and medical conditions affecting the blood, eyes, intesti

The Ingredients of Anointing Oil

Anointing oil is used in spiritual ceremonies.Design Pics/Valueline/Getty ImagesThe history of anointing oil goes back thousands of years. Its ingredients and use are mentioned in detail in the first books of the Bible. Essential oils from pure plant extracts are blended together to make...