How to Wire a Single Pole Switch With a Plug

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Analog Electronics Projects

Analog electronics often have higher power requirements than digital electronics.circuit imprime 3 image by daniel sainthorant from Fotolia.comIn analog electronics you use a continuous signal rather than the ones and zeroes of digital electronics. Analog electronics projects can range...

Environmental Effects of Tanning Beds

Artificial tanning can be bad for your health and the tanning image by Alfonso d'Agostino from Fotolia.comMost people are aware of the personal health risks associated with tanning. In addition to prematurely aging your skin, according to Web M.D., using a tanning bed as...

Does Monera Contain a Cell Wall?

Kingdom Monera includes all bacteria, and bacteria can be divided into the Archaeans and the Eubacteria. These single-celled organisms share many similar characteristics, such as a single circular chromosome and they usually possess a cell wall.

Projects Made Out of Recycled Material for Kids

Giving kids projects to complete helps them to expand their creativity and also keeps them occupied. Types of projects can vary from arts and crafts projects to hands-on construction. Parents can provide kids with recycled materials to save money on project supplies. Using recycled materials also he

How Do I Build a Rock Wall & Permanently Keep the Stones in Place?

Building a rock wall that serves as a permanent feature does not require an expert mason or even a professional landscaper to complete. Any do-it-yourselfer can build a permanent wall with the a bit of mortar to hold the stones together. The key to success is the proper placement of the stones, crea

What Are the Side Effects of a Wasp Sting?

Wasp stings can be painful and are often more dangerous than bee stings. Wasps don't loose their stingers like bees and can sting someone repeatedly. These are common side effects that may be experienced after being stung.

How Oil Well Drilling Works

PreliminariesOil reservoirs are located by trained, specialized geologists. They use seismic surveys, which involve planting and exploding underground charges. The sound waves created by these explosions can be read using instruments like a seismograph, and by studying the seismic...

Control of Bollworm on Flowers

The bollworm is an agricultural pest found around the world. Bollworm is a general name that describes the larval stage of multiple species of moth in the order Lepidoptera. The bollworm feeds on the fruits and flowers of agricultural crops only during the larval stage. During that brief time, howe

Suggestions for Repelling Ticks

Ticks are parasitic arachnids that often make pests of themselves to outdoors adventurers. When feeding, a tick burrows its head down into its host's skin, where it may stay for days. Harpoon-like appendages on its head hold it in place, making it very difficult to remove. Therefore, preventing cont

How to Shatter a Window With an Enemy in "Splinter Cell: Conviction"

"Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction" features several challenges that give you extra experience points. Some challenges involve throwing an enemy into another enemy, defeating an enemy after they're distracted by a car alarm, and throwing an enemy through a window. This last challenge is called

How to Make Soap With a Paint Stirrer

Making your own soap allows you to control the ingredients in it, such as scents and moisturizers. The process is surprisingly easy, although time consuming and physically tasking. However, making your own soap can prove economical and a wonderful outlet for your creativity.

How to Build a Rifle Display Case

Wall display cases are the best way to show off your collectibles. As there are many different things for people to collect, finding a display case from a store that fits your collection correctly can be difficult. The best way to solve this problem is to build your own with the dimensions you requi

Apple Tree Crafts

Transform a fresh apple into a stamp for your apple tree image by lefebvre_jonathan from Fotolia.comMake apple tree crafts to celebrate the return of warm weather, keep children busy during summer vacation, or remind yourself of warmer days during the cold winter months. You...

How to Calculate Grams and Milligrams

It is not difficult to calculate grams and milligrams. It is particularly easy to calculate grams and milligrams in relation to one another but converting to or from U.S. measurements is just a matter of division or multiplication, provided you know the formula.

List of General Chemistry Equipment

Chemistry is a vital subject to learn as it teaches people how the different elements work and react together to create the world. One of the highlights of studying chemistry at school is carrying out experiments as it allows students to see something theoretical taking place in front of their eyes.

Characteristics of Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology, defined broadly, is the study of humans. It is different from history in that anthropologists study not only human events, but also human evolution, their development in relation to their environment, social relations, diet, customs and culture. Cultural anthropology focuses specifical

Cowboy Boot Lamp Instructions

Add a touch of western nostalgia to any room by assembling a cowboy boot lamp. This style of lamp is a welcome addition to a child's bedroom, playroom or in a rustic-style living room or den. Choose a boot with a family history or create some history around the lamp with a well-chosen story of its o

How to Sell Wheat-Backed Pennies

The wheat-backed penny is part of the Abraham Lincoln penny series. The Lincoln penny replaced the Indian Head penny in 1909 and is still in production today. The front of the Lincoln penny has not changed since the 1909 introduction and is based upon a bust of Lincoln created by Victor David Brenne

Habits of the Giant Blue Catfish

Giant blue catfish, which commonly weigh in at around 100 lbs., haunt some of America's largest rivers, including the Cumberland, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi. Giant blues thrive in heavy current because the current scoops up and carries algae and organic matter from the river bed, caus