Can a Wall Oven Run on a Standard Outlet?

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My GE Washer Is Leaking On Extra Large Loads

Washing machines need to be water tight to prevent leaks from occurring while the wash and spin cycles are running. Extra large loads put extra pressure on the washer, since the water is running directly at the washer lid in the case of top-loading washers, or right against the seal on a front-loadi

How to Calculate Concrete Thrust Blocks

Pipes are used to safely contain and transport materials from one point to another, particularly in the water and sewage venues. In order to move material through pipes, the pipes must be pressurized. It is possible for the sections of pipe to separate under the amount of pressure required to move m

How to Move a Hot Water Heater

If your water heater has seen better days and needs to be replaced or if you are simply remodeling and want to move the appliance yourself, there are some basic guidelines and safety issues to be considered. Before you get started, lay out the necessary tools where they can be easily accessed and b

About Gas Wall Heaters

As home heating costs climb, gas wall heaters can be a cost-effective way to heat your home. Gas wall heaters run on standard propane or natural gas and come in a variety of models, which can provide supplemental heat or can heat large areas by themselves. When correctly used and installed, gas wall

Water Heaters - The Basics You Need To Know

There are now so many water heater brands on the market and each one has their own set of technological advances. It can be quite confusing for the home owner to siphon through the various facts in order to find a suitable water heating appliance for their home. Luckily you don't have to be an

How to Repair Light Switch on Refrigerator Door

Your refrigerator uses a small switch triggered by the door to turn on the light. When the door opens, the internal switch gets lifted and turns on the light. If your switch doesn’t lift or if it broke off, you need to replace it. You must determine, however, if your problem is the light switc

What Outdoor Wood Furnace Parts To Look For

Having the latest technologically advanced design of an outdoor wood furnace is the environmentally friendly method of heating your home. It is the zero pollution modern way to heat a home, provide hot water, and heat the pool and whatever space to keep warm. Many people believe that it is by far th

How To Set Up Your Home Music Studio

Many people dream of recording music at home. This article will help you decide how to purchase the home recording equipments. It will also provide simple ways to set up the studio at low cost and with minimum fuss.

How to Replace the Heating Element on a Maytag Dryer

Occasionally, the heating element on the Maytag dryer may burn out or stop working because of usage or damaged parts. The heating element for the Maytag dryer is housed in a metal cone at the bottom of the dryer cabinet and can be removed fairly easily when the element needs to be replaced. You can

How do I Make a Swag Ceiling Fan Control?

Adding a control to a swagged ceiling fan can be done by either plugging it into a switched outlet or adding a remote control kit. Most rooms in homes today have a switched outlet for lights, usually identified by being installed upside down when compared to the rest of the outlets in the room. The

How to Fix an Out of Balance Kenmore Dryer

A Kenmore dryer shakes and rattles during its drying cycle when it is unbalanced, which is often caused by overloading or underloading the dryer with clothing. An imbalance of the clothing inside of the dryer causes the machine to work hard to stabilize, and can shorten the life of your dryer if it

Easiest Way to Remove a Stuck Bread Loaf From a Bread Machine

A bread machine is a useful appliance for many home cooks. It enables someone with little cooking skill or experience to bake homemade bread using fresh ingredients. One of the problems encountered with bread machines is that the bread sometimes sticks to the inside of the bread loaf pan, even thoug

The Buyers Guide to Toasters Ovens

Toasters ovens can be one of the most essential pieces of kitchen equipment a person owns. This may not seem true, at first, to someone that has never owned one but once you have you will understand how important it is to have one. The toaster oven itself has went through a lot of changes since it&a

How to Troubleshoot an Electric Range Top Burner Not Heating Up

Your electric cooker is a trooper, helping you prepare delicious, home-cooked meals day in, day out. Inevitably, after years of faithful service, your oven might suffer from minor technical problems. Troubleshooting the top burner on your electric range helps you identify the cause of the problem th

Pure Water Distillers - A Healthy Choice

Water is the sacred fluid in life, every aspect of life needs certain amount of this remarkable fluid. This means that pure water distillers or water that has been purified is something everyone should take notice of.

How to Rewire a Garage

There are a few things that you will need to consider before you begin rewiring the garage. Are you going to be using the garage as a workshop as well as place to park your car and store your garden equipment? This is an important consideration because it will determine how many branch circuits you

Do You Need An Electric Meat Tenderizer?

If you're looking for something to spice up your regular cooking methods, say hello to the electric meat tenderizer. They can completely change the way you look at food and cooking, and can easily make any kitchen more efficient.

How to Re-Magnetize a Refrigerator Door Gasket

The magnetic strip on a refrigerator door gasket is an important part of your refrigerator. Without it, the door would not fully close which would result in warm air from the outside of the refrigerator entering and cold air from inside the refrigerator escaping. This would cause the refrigerator's