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101 Wire Earrings

101 Wire Earrings: Step-by-Step Projects and Techniques by Denise Peck is packed full of earring projects for wire lovers.

How To Use A Baby Footprint Stamp

A baby footprint stamp is a great addition to any craft box as it is something that can be used for your card making ideas as well as your scrapbook page layouts. When card making a baby footprint stamp can be used for birthday cards, christening cards, new baby cards and also for thank you cards. A

Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids - Backyard And Closet Costumes

You need not look farther than your own house and backyard to make easy Halloween crafts for kids' wonderful costumes. In fact, there are many things you can find in your closet. Nature can also offer you loads of Halloween materials.

The Ken Doll: The Early Years

No knowledge of the Barbie doll is perfect without thinking about her boyfriend Ken. Barbie doll expert Emma Wills tracks Ken's initial years from birth through the 1970s.

About PEZ

Who hasn't had a PEZ growing up? Even if you aren't a collector, they are hard to resist with their cute colorful designs and so easy to pluck off the rack while standing in line at the supermarket or drug store. For many years a PEZ has been a standard addition to my kids Christmas stocki

Franciscan Pottery - From Sewer Pipes to 'Desert Rose

A brief background of Franciscan Pottery -- and its successor, Franciscan Ware -- from its antecedents as a California sewer pipe (!) and tile manufacturing company) to its place as one of the great success stories for a full half of the twentieth century -- with its highly praised and sought after

Discover a Lucrative New Hobby With a Gold Detector

Treasure hunting sounds like an activity reserved for pirate shows and make believe, right? In fact, searching for lost or discarded metals can be a fun and lucrative hobby, and is one that is available to individuals of all occupations. The following article will provide some helpful information to

Creative Tiny Dollhouse Pieces: Arrangement Hints

To have a quality paint job on your house apply at least three coats of recommended paint.The first thing that everybody looks at is the paint and the shingles.The outside of the dollhouse has as much do to with the appeal, if not more, than the inside design.

Free Embroidery Designs - Do They Exist and Where?

If you love to embroider, and who doesn't, you are going to probably want to know where to find free embroidery patterns. Embroidery patterns are simply the design to make an ordinary piece of material look extraordinary. The patterns are designed to be stitched either by machine or by hand. Ye

Santa and Penguins Castle Cookie Jar

Although the Christopher Radko company got their start with glass ornaments, the company has branced out and produce everything holiday including tabletop, ornaments, decoratives, trees, lights, etc.

Ingenious Tiny Dollhouse Accessories: Formational Suggestions

Flooring is often overlooked because it is the base, but that only means that it is really the foundation for your furniture and design choices.It will also add that subtle touch that really upgrades your dollhouse.It is the small things that once changed make the biggest difference, and in this cas

Rare Northwood Carnival Glass Plate

An eBay seller from Michigan was overwhelmed when a Carnival Glass plate, inherited from her husband's grandmother, sold for $16,237.55 on May 19th.

Train Scales Explained - Which Are Most Suitable?

It goes without saying that model railroads are not the same size as the real thing. Model train layouts are scaled down replicas of their real world counterparts. As a handy reference here is a list of the main scales from largest to the smallest:

Ccna Certification - Bliss Or Bane!

It's known to everybody during the industry nowadays that immediately after the economic disturbances, IT hiring administrators are extensively searching for the right capabilities along withm

How to Identify an SSMC Sterling Pattern

In the world of vintage silver collecting, the SSMC silver pieces can be highly collectible. The term SSMC refers to the Sterling Silver Manufacturing Company, which operated in Providence, Rhode Island, and produced silver pieces, holloware and flatware from 1909 to 1932.